With a subtle flap of your wings you touched freedom;

she seemed to caress you back.

It was a long overdue reunion.


The Gods commanded the winds to be still.

There were to be no interruptions on this momentous occasion,

when you were finally due to emancipate.


Clouds heard the news and created a pathway for you;

angels composed celabratory songs.


The blazing fire of your will burnt all doubt;

victory was the only expected guest.

The universe was prepared to receive its conquerer.


Not a sound was heard when your wings were finally unclipped for take off,

not a single heart was left whole when you suddeny chose to remain on the ground.


What should have been an alluring tale turned into a painful reminder,

that no matter how inviting the sky,some birds simply refuse to fly.


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Published: 2015-10-25 - 12:15:04