I have collected some of life’s most valuable treasures from the sacred palace of womanhood.
I have found the sisters that my mother could not birth.
I have seen the courageous rise of queens; they are likened to beauty,
but it’s really beauty that tries to be like them.
It is here that my sanity has been saved manier times,and my strength constantly re-discovered.
And yes, portions of the ground are made up of burning coal in these parts,
but the queens still walk on it with grace.
Today I celebrate this inspiring palace with the some of the women that have each played their own unique role in opening my heart to its magnificence.

Cleopatra Rakgantsho

“Medical enthusiast and foodie for all that nourishes my soul”

Celebrates womanhood because:

“I love being a woman because of the options. Being a woman is about being true to every facet of yourself, being strong and powerful yet humble, emotional and hard-working. All over the world, women bear the brunt of the world’s problems but get no reward for the solutions. I admire our courage, our beauty (in all it’s forms, we all fit in the word), our expression, creativity and intelligence. There are so many ways to be a woman and we take full advantage regardless of what is “expected” of us. We rock, we are fearless and we keep the skies from falling.”


Woman appreciation:


“I will put a spotlight on Professor Pumla Dineo Gqola (@feminist_rogue on Twitter). What a woman! She’s a professor of Literature at Wits and the dynamic author of Simphiwe Dana’s biography: “A Renegade called Simphiwe,” and the enlightening and thought-provoking: “What is Slavery To Me?” among others. She does all this while being a mother, looking gorgeous in her forties and being a fearless feminist firebrand. I enjoy women who make brilliance look effortless and she does this, with style and grace. Google her, read her books and papers, follow her on social media and you will see what I see. Black women are pure magic.”


Bongo Maqungo

“Queen descendant of her majesty: My mother”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“As a woman who grew up predominantly amongst boys/men. I am in awe of the woman. My mother taught me to be strong, through her faithful strength. My own experiences have taught me to always learn from myself. Introspection and continuously allowing myself to be who I am meant to be, courageously, makes me a phenomenal woman. Daniswa Rose Maqungo, my mother, is why I celebrate being a woman. Our strength, love, honesty, humour and faith are what I celebrate about women.”


Woman appreciation:

“Sam Charnelle Dick is my inspiration. She is a lawyer. She is not only ambitious and hardworking, she also sees the best in any woman she comes across. She is an academic and an inspiration in her field;never scared to tackle the parts of her that scare her. She exudes love. She is a big sister to me. The one I never had. God’s gift to his baby girl,me.”

Lesego Malete

“That PR chick”

Celebrates womanhood because:

“I love to celebrate women because we are all such resilient and powerful beings. One of the songs that I love is by Donnie Mclurkin – “We fall down but we get up.” This song always reminds me of the women who have been kicked down by life but always manage to get up and try again.God entrusted us with the gift to carry life in our bodies. We get to take care of a whole human being – God’s gift to any human being. That’s BIG and too special to ignore.”


Woman appreciation:

“I can’t think of anyone else other than my younger
sister Motshidisi. She inspires me. She’s a dreamer and a doer – she walks the talk.
She’s the type of person who doesn’t limit or set boundaries for herself. Recently
she had a challenge and instead of wallowing in self-pity, she knocked on some doors
and by the grace of God she conquered. I love that!”

Nonjabulo Zondi

“Urban innovation specialist”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“What I truly value in life is being in a challenging work environment and constantly learning something new to add to my core competencies. Because I am a woman I must make unusual efforts to succeed, to get my foot in the door or to gain my seat at “the table,” this is one of the reasons why I like being a woman, especially in a “man’s world.” I value the lessons I gain from being pushed to my limits and I am always pleasantly surprised at how far I can go. This endurance that we (as women) need to succeed, coupled with our often whimsical nature, makes us truly extraordinary!”


Woman appreciation:


“One woman I admire is Noelle Wright (Public Relations Specialist at Honolulu Local Government). She is the epitome of an extraordinary woman! She is highly capable, driven, accomplished, brave and creative. She is an amazing friend because she has the ability to settle my spirit when it is restless and remind me of who I truly am.”

Kirsten Redman

“Medical science enthusiast”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“There is an under-reported level of camaraderie and understanding between women. I am currently completing a Masters in Medical Science, I needed to find something to keep my body as strong as my mind.That’s why I started pole dancing – it first started out as basic exercise, but as I grew to be comfortable in the classes, I
became absorbed into a family of women who were willing to help you push past the limits you thought existed. Women, when put into situations that require it, have the ability to help each other fly. Success is a decision. With the right support
structure, and the right attitude, there are no limits to the heights you can reach.”

Woman appreciation:


“I appreciate Lauren Frade, who has been my friend since I was in high school. She is now a final year medical student at Wits University; my doctor friend. What stands out for me is not simply the fact that
she’s got an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering, but rather, at a critical time in both our academic careers, we sat down and both made the conscious decision to make the next year a booming success. WE decided to pilot the burning
plane and land it successfully. She understands, as implicitly as I do, that the only factor that is actually stopping you from succeeding, is yourself.”

Janine Peters

“Online media enthusiast”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“The fact that we don’t have to depend on a man anymore to get ahead in life.
Gone are the olden days when women were expected to stay at home and raise a family.
We are independent, educated and beautiful.”


Woman appreciation:


“Leticia Fortein – Our 11 year friendship can be explained by one quote; “It’s been said that everlasting friends go long periods of time without speaking and never question the friendship”. No matter where life
takes us we still remain close. The love is always there. She is a strong individual, always fighting for what she wants and never gives up on life. She inspires me by being herself in a world that is constantly trying to change us.”

Mpho Ngobeni

“Graphic designer and layout artist”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“This women’s month I firstly celebrate the contribution made by all
the phenomenal women in and out of this country, in shaping women’s
roles, rights, integrity, pride, success, drive, passion, position
and worth in the world. A rich history and legacy has been left.
Secondly I celebrate MY weaknesses together with my strengths;
knowing that I was perfectly and wonderfully made. I acknowledge
my inner ability to always rise against all odds. I celebrate
knowing the pioneer of my faith.”


Woman appreciation:


“I wish to publicly recognise Sizakele
Shingange. I praise her for her thrive in being a loving, caring, warm,
driven, ambitious, strong-willed, devoted, faithful, truthful, dependable,
beautiful friend to me.”

Keabetsoe Matshediso

“PR Account Manager”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“I love being a woman. My mama said it wouldn’t be easy.
But it’s a blessing, a journey with obstacles but nonetheless a beautiful path.I AM


Woman appreciation:


“Devon Petersen: She is a warrior! She is strong, cares
and loves whole heartedly.”

Palesa Papane

“Accounting enthusiast”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“What I love the most about womanhood is our strength. Throw anything
at a woman and see how she takes it in her stride, dusts herself off and continues being fabulous.”


Woman appreciation:


“Poppy Vilakazi”, a young woman of God who unashamedly preaches the gospel to any ear that cares to listen, without acting holier -than-thou. I wish I had her courage.”

Kgothatso Maditse

“Story teller”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“I think because we were somewhat the ‘last’ creation, God took his time to show off
when creating us. The face of any human is a pretty spectacular composition but there is some sort of majesty in the face of a woman. God thought life was incomplete without us. We are magical. We command attention by simply walking. Or smiling. Or laughing. Our superpowers include being custodians of life. We are the link between heaven and earth. I love the freedom of being allowed to feel and be and cry that comes with being known as an emotional being. I love how our minds see a million possibilities to one situation. I love how men behold and embrace us. Plus, God loved us so much he gave us breasts. We’re the stuff legends are made of.”


Woman appreciation:


“Professor Gqola. She is basically everything I aspire to be: Vocal. Creative. Assertive. She’s a teacher. She’s a writer. She’s a curator of literary engagements. She brings people together, she creates spaces for seeds of ideasto be planted. She changes lives on the daily.She’s an author. She’s a poet. She’s a mother. She’s got
a smile that just melts you. She’s got this cute nyana lisp. She’s got a really cool tattoo on her ankle that is just amazing when she wears heels. You can almost hear her mind working when she speaks. She talks with her eyes. She thinks. She’s intelligent. She’s articulate. She’s attentive. She’s nurturing. She cares. She’s passionate. She’s unapologetically herself, in all her regal majesty. She’s amazing.”

Nombulelo Jessica Ndaba

“Introverted extrovert”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“I have loved being a woman for the longest time, maybe it’s being the last born and being doted on. I had barbie dolls, kitchen sets and loved playing dress-up. Now as a young adult,I still love to dress up and have a crazy obsession with shoes. I’ve had some difficulties with it, more especially in the working world. It taught me a lot about myself, I had to come to terms with most things about me, ie: I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m a super sensitive person; and that’s okay. In all my insecurities and flaws I am still beautiful and strong.I am on this journey called life, I know without a doubt that I would rather experience it a woman in my kick ass stiletto.”


Woman appreciation:


“The person I admire is Noxolo Matodlane.I celebrate her beautiful spirit. She is intelligent, funny,confident and feisty. I met her in varsity and I was immediately drawn to her. She motivated me when it was tough and encouraged me to pray when I couldn’t. I learnt a lot from her. She inspired me then and now.”

Tsholofelo Seabi

“Business enthusiast”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“Strength. There’s a beauty in the strength of a woman that I have come to admire. Surrounded by women whose struggle was that born from birth. I have seen them struggle in silence and some times in not so silent a struggle. That which carries them. That which they smile through and more often than not love and live through. I have also come to learn that in strength it is ok to be vulnerable and seek comfort and strength from your peers.” Quotes Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Nigerian Author): “Being a strong woman is not remarkable, its normal”


Woman appreciation:


“I have grown to admire the strength of Palesa Papane, a close friend. She is strength. Strength I knew and didn’t know she had. Strength I’ve drawn from. She also made me realise that this strength is not only strength she drew from within but that which she drew from her support system. Her grace as she grows through the tests, trials and near giving up events in her life have taught me. I live through her. I grow through her. I am strong through her and for her. Having gone through a trial defeating many she still stands strong. Thank you ship.”

Joy Moyo

“Legal remediation analyst and performance artist”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“What I love about being a woman is our ability to love,a woman will love you whole heartedly and blindly. A woman will love you unconditionally,I watch women and how they are willing to do anything for their loved ones. We protect our own and we are loyal, we are not easily broken because we love and forgive.”


Woman appreciation:


“I absolutely adore my bestie Nthabiseng Mogoa, she is the smartest dumb girl I know. She is my ray of sunshine,a tough cookie and my diary.She is love.”

Yarumia Ndombi

“Medical doctor”

Celebrates womanhood because:


“I love how we’re fragile yet our strength knows no bounds. The simple complexity of our being, that sensitive nature that helps us put others first.”


Woman appreciation:


“A woman I admire is Phindile Sithole-Spong, a woman living with HIV who tries to shed a positive light on living with HIV on her blog, The Posi+ive Diaries,which I believe is important for an illness surrounded by stigma.”


Happy National Women’s Day to all the Queens of South Africa.
Love to all the Queens from the rest of the world.


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