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The wholesome acceptance and celebration of black women remains an imagined concept. This past weekend, the
For Black Girls Only event made this concept tangible. For just a couple of hours, black women from
different walks of life touched this dream.
On the 31st of January, the first For Black Girls Only event in Johannesburg, South Africa, was held at Constitution
Hill. The objective of the event was to create a comfortable and uplifting environment for black women to experience
one another. It was an intimate set up that included guest speakers, stalls, good music and great company.

The only thing we had to bring was ourselves. All that was required of us was to simply be. For just a couple of hours,
this was enough.

Our black femininity gave rise to an emancipating fairytale. At a historical site that was once a space of oppression
towards our foremothers (and forefathers), we chose to gather in the name of liberation, fun and celebration. We came
there with our sisters, friends, lovers and children; and together we wrote a transformational narrative.
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Our diversity was graciously laid out. We resembled the arrangement of assorted chocolates; from coco to caramel,
there was an abundance of flavours. Each woman’s presence was a gift to the rest. We identified parts of ourselves
in each other. Despite our different backgrounds, we shared a similar story. The space was pure, embracing every single
form of black femininity. We were right at home.

Naturally the head game was on point, you can expect nothing less from black women in that department. The locks,
‘fros, head wraps, chiskops, cuts, twists, weaves and braids were beautifully displayed. Our heads were an event
of their own.
Body shame did not exist in this space. The ground was a runway for all shapes and sizes. No bum was too big or too
small; no weight was too much or too little; no skin tone was too light or too dark. We wore our bodies comfortably.
We used them to dance, chat, laugh and exchange kisses and hugs; they were tools of love,and an embodiment of celebration.
For Black Girls Only gave us room to walk with lighter steps.

Our struggles were left at the door.
We were enough.
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Published: 2016-04-18 - 12:47:46

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