Professor Gqola’s Alan Paton Victory


Professor Pumla Dineo Gqola recently made an addition to her list of black girl magic
accolades when she received the Alan Paton Award for her latest book, Rape, A South
African Nightmare.
I am of the belief that one of the most effective ways to understand the structure and
behaviour of society is through its crises.  Now the last thing any sane mind wants to
engage in is a book orientated around one of the most disgraceful acts known to man,
however, Professor’s Gqola’s well articulated approach makes the experience refreshing.
I appreciate the enlightenment and education she delivers through this book, it is somewhat
empowering as it leaves one more well versed in the narrative of rape culture. This is
significant because the perspective creates room for one to explore possible solutions,
making Rape, A South African Nightmare, a valuable tool in the fight against rape.
Congratulations to Professor Gqola; a well deserved win indeed.

Published: 2016-07-13 - 09:30:13

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