UPDATE: THIS IS NOW CLOSED! We will continue to respond to those who have already emailed only. 


This is a follow up from this tweet.


Just to recap for anyone landing here without the context: I am giving individuals an opportunity to ask one clear question that is related to their work/career for 2021. I will then answer with the message that you need to get.


Below are the terms and conditions. Please read them first before making contact, because if they are not adhered to, I can’t attend to you.


1) Email me at:

Email Subject: Readings2021

Correct manner of address is “Thokoza Mkhulu” – after greeting you may then proceed to ask your ONE question.

2) Your question must be clear enough to get a clear answer. And it must be related to work only.

3) No follow up questions. This is not supposed to be a back and forth chat. Please take the message and make an effort to reflect on it yourself too.

4) I DO NOT promise that everyone will get a response. If you don’t, please don’t take it to heart, there are many factors at play that could be the reason, including my own personal capacity to attend to everyone. I will only do what I can.

5) I have set up this temporary account for this purpose only. I won’t attend to any messages that are unrelated.

6)There is no need ukukhanyisa ngemali. This will be brief.


The account is open and you may start sending messages. Again, anyone that doesn’t follow the above terms will definitely not get a response.





Published: 2020-12-16 - 10:55:20

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