Keep the thrones, robes and tiaras; no need to swear them in as queens

theirs is a royalty that was solidified at birth.


Mother of nature planted seeds of grandeur when she kissed their heads,

this saw the rise of the bush flowers that nestle on their scalps.


In the dark of their eyes dwell the stars that chose to fall from the sky

and become a part of the story told through their gaze.


Injustices feel the wrath from the wild fire of their minds.

Every ash is fed to the ground for all brown dimes to glide on,

with every step they will remember the strength that sealed their place in the world.


The sun praises their wide noses, full lips and chunky cheeks;

grateful for the abundance of space they allow her light to rest upon.

When this light flirts with their bold features, they shimmer; becoming the sky’s favorite show.


Their voluptuous temples inspire garments to dance.

Their curves are borrowed from the mountains that make an effort to reach new
heights just to get a better view of their seductive grace.


Lavishly brown nurturers just like the earth’s soil, their rightful place is in creation’s soul.

Blessed are these brown women that have received melanin’s deeper stroke.


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Published: 2015-09-09 - 12:11:17