Sea to see

It’s not a coincidence that “See” is so closely related to “sea.”

The eye of the higher self looks beneath the surface. This eye doesn’t swim in the shallow, it dives beyond.

You have to go to sea to see.



Illness grows

What we don’t heal in ourselves today

will show up as witchcraft to our children tomorrow.



Here to hear

“Here” alludes to presence. It’s not a coincidence that it’s so closely related to “hear.”

The ear of the higher self listens with presence. You have to be here to hear.





Let it blow

When the wind has moved, it has moved.

You can’t call it back. And you will tire yourself trying to chase it.

All you can do is accept its departure,

and perhaps always remember that you once experienced its breeze.



Embrace with honesty

Embracing something doesn’t mean that you can’t be upset by it.

It means despite that or anything else, you choose to still move through it.

You can do this without suppression or trying to lie to yourself.

If you’re upset be fully upset, and then continue when you can.



Therapy still matters

Spiritual rituals and cleansings don’t erase trauma.



Other bribes

Everytime I chose to stay alive, I was given more words.


This is how God bribes the writer.



Underrated power

Knowing when to keep quiet is a superpower.



How deep do YOU go?

Your needs will be met

at the level of trust you hold.



The kind are wise

Kindness and wisdom go hand in hand.

The former is so much more than just a sweet gesture.

There’s a divine intelligence to it that whispers.



Laws of faith

Spirit has this condition where you are required to take a few uncertain steps

towards something before getting full clarity on how it will come together.


Make some moves to retrieve the secrets of your purpose.



Dreams demand respect

Take your heart’s dreams as seriously as you take the work you do under/for other people/institutions.

Those dreams also require and deserve that respectable and impressive work ethic from you.



Silent choices

When you say no to something, there’s something else that you are saying yes to. And vice versa.




When you’re hung up on the consequences of the one communicated out loud,

bring focus to the one you chose silently.

The silent choice has the real intel about where you stand.



Your story

To maintain alignment with your soul,

you need to be loyal to your own narrative.




Don’t move your mouth

before time moves its hand.



Healing laws

Recovery is a universal law.

You WILL recover.

You WILL say “I used to be…”

This WILL be your new story.



Mean it

You can do all the necessary actions, follow all of the protocol and instructions and STILL kungabi nokukhanya ngoba kusagobeke umoya nenhliziyo yakho.


You better make sure that your entire self/energy aligns with what you announce with your tongue.



How to be rich

Where possible,choose the path where your win can result in the wins of others too.

That’s the path to walk on if you never want to be poor.




Remember all of those times that anxiety lied to you.



A word from the waters

Be in the dark.


Be in the dark.





all your waters.

and then swim baby.

Swim back to life.



Her own

She was always one to thrive during the storms of the world.

How could she not? This world was not who she belonged to.



See the season’s reasons

Teacher must know when to let go of student. Student must know when to let go of teacher.

Teacher must know when to be a student. Student must know when to be a teacher.

Seasons change for you to explore all you are.

Allow seasons.

Allow the stories of you – there are many.



Allow the process

That messy period between realising your calling and answering it is crucial and serves to protect & preserve you in the long run. Simply because you can’t take on the weight of many when you haven’t dealt with your own. And you can’t see others when you haven’t seen yourself.





Power 101

If you’re going to claim being powerful, do it knowing that power empowers.



Alternative medicine

Umthandazo nawo umuthi.



Opportunity in the problems

Shortfalls from a previous generation, in any context/area, are opportunities for the generation to follow.

These are not just things to frown upon but to also see as opportunities.

Progress has its generation. What fell short previously is our opportunity now. And what we fall short of doing now will be the next generation’s opportunity.

Life is a relay race that we are in together. Shift your thinking around the problems to participate in the race productively.

This is how new businesses, industries and school courses arise. It’s how more books are written.

It’s how life goes on.



The prayer upon your life

… and when we release amen, it will be your eyes that they notice first.

They will sparkle to generously offer a clear view of us witnessing life with you.

History will sit rightfully on your face. Today. As you move to your tomorrows.

You, little one, will transcend time.



Nothing goes unnoticed

How out of touch you must be to think your ugly ways were not seen because there was nobody around you.

The sun, sky, mountains, trees…they all saw that.

Earth saw you.

Life felt that.



Maybe you see you

Sometimes you look up to people because you see a part of yourself in them.

On the surface their way of being seems out of reach and only something you can admire.

You’re most likely in awe of a you that you haven’t quite tapped into yet.


We usually admire what we are.



How cycles end

To stop the cycle, you have to break the circle.



We move

You can honour the past, while making room for the reality of the present and future too.

We’re not static beings.




The language that you are given can LOCK you into a way of being.

Check what you are getting married to when you take it.





Little creative

Creative work is directed by the inner child first.

The adult only comes in when you start doing your edits and refining.



But stay open

When something is destroyed, go into the room where souls mourn.

And mourn.

But keep the room open.

Where there is loss, something new should arise.

Let it not find the room closed.


Mourn with open doors and windows.



Time and space

There’s a massive difference between having time and having space.

You could have all the time in the world, but it’s futile if the climate is off. In which case, you don’t have space.

Time is just not enough where there is no space.



How do you look?

Does your eye see


does it sea?




As a child, it was something you knew you deserved. There was no doubt. It was a plain fact. You wanted it, so why not.

When you grew up, the language changed. You learnt to call the things you deserve faith. You forgot how to call them by name.

And they became harder to hold.



Keep speaking

It doesn’t matter if your voice is quivering. Keep speaking. You’re on your way to your power. In fact, it already exists in the quiver.

Keep speaking.

They will shout over you.

Keep speaking.

They will attack you.

Keep speaking.

Some won’t hear you.

Keep speaking.





Where are you from?

The difference between you and the next person will always be which level of the ocean you are living and speaking from.

Some speak from the shore.

Others can speak from its belly.



Embody the answers

The answers you seek will often come from, and through, you.


Answers are not only something to receive,

they are also something to be.





Be Present

The destination you’re looking for is HERE.



Mountain Promises

The breathtaking scenary on the other side of a mountain is already there.

This is something that you know. It only awaits your arrival to be seen.

What you desire exists because it’s in your heart. The actions you take complete the manifestation.

Go for hikes to tune your mind and body into this reality.

The table is already prepared for you.




Your spirit didn’t soar into this lifetime to be contained.



Future is now

Our spirits are expansive and stretch way beyond the world’s concept of time and space.

The ‘future’ that is told or shown to you is a situation that your spirit is already in.



You are ready

Dreams/goals feel scary because your mind often struggles to comprehend what your spirit is capable of.

The truth is that you’ll always have the resources to do what you need to do when the time comes.

For every given purpose you are already equipped with everything you need.



Divine knowing

To know my ancestors,

I had to know God too.



Live It

You’ve taken in the messages and have far more clarity.

But don’t get comfortable with only being a library. Live the messages out too.


Go outside and harvest.



Woman is enough

Don’t call me a superwoman. I am a woman.

All relevant qualities exist in the name already.




You can’t be a magician with shakey hands.



Law of receiving

Manifestations can fall short when spiritual work is not supported with personal development.

Umoya can only fully deliver light to a life that holds healthy space for light.



Preserve the whole tribe.

It’s not only about rituals, slaughtering and sacrifices, it’s also about doing the things embedded in your heart.

Fulfillment of self is healing, and a victory, for your whole tribe.



Divine snake

Is your spine alive yet?



Her priority

It’s not that she didn’t care anymore.

She just finally realised what actually matters

in the world

and in herself.




At some point their attempts to attack will no longer harm you,

but only affirm how much you have become.






Anger is not power.