For the sake of love

Love your ancestors simply because they are your ancestors.

It shouldn’t only be about the magic and the blessings. Love for the sake of love.

That’s a form of wealth to chase too.


Your guides will do whatever they have to do to keep your spiritual essence a secret from others.

And sometimes, that entails keeping it a secret from you too for a certain period.

Sometimes your being unaware is on purpose. For protection. And because, time.


It’s not always simply because you are blind or ignorant. That’s not always the full story.


In case you have forgotten the main mission:

It is to live.

Trust in the oncoming show

Trust the plan that your guides have not told you about. Trust that they see what’s happening & something is in the works. They will not restore things while you’re inside the pain & the dark, they want you to witness the show clearly from a good seat.


Trust what you don’t know.


Not everything is a test, but anything can test you.

Real source

What you are afraid of gets all that power from you.

When did it all come back to you?

How old were you when you finally remembered that heaven is actually…



When it’s time:

God. Makes. Sure.

Healing has principles

The gift may be natural, but its principles must still be learnt. If not, you will do more harm than healing.

That art kinda love

Engaging with artists constantly teaches me that you don’t have to understand something to feel it.

Looking back

There was a time when I hated poetry. I actually hated it. This was in varsity. I even remember where I was sitting when I confessed this.

Later I would realise that I was just triggered by the fact that these people had the guts to express themselves when I couldn’t.


Sometimes you must just pause and ask yourself: “Who made this rule?”

If you can’t point it to anyone or anything, go ahead and innovate to your heart’s desire.


What if you’ve reached the place you wanted to reach,

but your vision is clouded by the ills you still believe about yourself?


I don’t think the fact that we are never completely satisfied as humans is such a bad trait. I believe it’s our innate desire to experience more because we have an innate knowing of how massive we are. The trick is to manage the anxiety around it.


Part of embracing the process, whatever process, is putting rules/boundaries you have for yourself aside.

You may even have to turn a blind eye to your self worth.

Processes often demand an absolute dismantling of you.

Your rules/worth are allowed back in when the work is done.

Tough talk

To achieve and maintain flow in your life, you have to have regular tough conversations with yourself.


Ironically enough.




Love letters

Words care about us.

Rain it away

Please allow yourself to cry at any given time that you need to.

There is something you are making space for when you do.

Don’t hold back tears.

Don’t hold back the space in you that needs to be freed for something else to grow.


You must cry. You must rain.

Who is checking for you?

You can only be seen by those who care to really look.

Kindness is unconditional

You don’t have to understand someone or their things to be kind to them.

Kindness is wise enough to hold space for all forms of life.



On time

Anything happening to you at any given moment is on time. It wouldn’t be happening if it was too early or too late.

Also, what are you marking that “too early” / “too late” against?

There’s nothing to mark it against when your life is your own.

Your things are on time.




There’s very little you can do outside of the moment you’re in. You might as well make it your only focus.



Never too late

Each person has their turn to unlearn things about the ancestors.

And when that happens, they are still there, ready to finally start growing with you.



Plot twist

All my enemies ever did was take me closer to God.

Every single time.



It’s all you

What you think of your ancestors is really a story about how you view, carry and treat yourself.

Everything you say after “My ancestors are…” is all you.



It’s all medicine

Ukuhlola, when done with purity, is medicine in itself. And SOMETIMES you need to let that particular medicine run its course before taking other things.

Swallow the messages and let them settle inside of you. Repeat the dosage. Take the necessary actions.

It’s all treatment.



Be the prayer

You will be tested on the claims that you make in your prayers.

If you say you believe, you will have to put your belief to work. When you say you want to heal, you’ll have to be stripped apart. When you say you want to be free, you’ll have to lose some things, people AND ideas.



Who to choose first

How can the healer be for you when you are not for yourself?

Before you chose a healer, make sure you have chosen yourself too.





The marker

The things I believed in always eventually found me. Belief is a landmark.



A consistent faith

Don’t move in ways that contradict, and erase what you express in worship.

It’s the circumstance that changed. Not God. Don’t be so fickle.



Dreams can be many stories

Don’t always look for one main message in a dream.

Alot of messages are incorporated – some are unrelated to each other. One thing about dreams: They multi-task.



Spirit and culture

Spirit and culture are not the same thing.

Culture can be spiritual, but what is spiritual is not always culture.



Love language

The wrath of your guides has a loving purpose.




There’s very little you can do outside of the moment you’re in. You might as well make it your only focus.




… and who knows, maybe you struggle to completely visualize that dream because the other parts of it are being held by someone else. Perhaps this dream is not yours to manifest alone.



Each one hold one

One of the healthiest and healing things to embrace is that you do need other people.



Love is black

Love feels so much better in black langauges.



Good wars

Sometimes you have to be assertive with spirit. Demanding to a certain degree. Fetch things with might. It’s not a terrible thing if the intention is still pure. Sometimes you really do have to fight, in a real way, for your things. Soft doesn’t always get the work done.

And it’s ok. It’s ok not to be soft at times.

It’s ok to know that you deserve more. And to be hard for your more.

It’s ok for you to shout if you feel you are not being heard. Sometimes you have to shout. And be thunder. To be a strong gust of wind that knocks things over. The universe gets these things.

It’s the good war.



Let go of what you love

You know that saying: If you love something, let it go. If it’s truly yours it will come back?

Letting it go doesn’t necessarily mean leaving it to go away. It also means letting it breathe, allowing it to catch some air and life. So that it always comes back to you fulfilled, healthy and living. In many ways, letting it go in that sense is a way of taking care of your own well-being too. Surely you don’t want to be connected to something that is rotting and suffocating.



Sea to see

It’s not a coincidence that “See” is so closely related to “sea.”

The eye of the higher self looks beneath the surface. This eye doesn’t swim in the shallow, it dives beyond.

You have to go to sea to see.



Illness grows

What we don’t heal in ourselves today

will show up as witchcraft to our children tomorrow.



Here to hear

“Here” alludes to presence. It’s not a coincidence that it’s so closely related to “hear.”

The ear of the higher self listens with presence. You have to be here to hear.





Let it blow

When the wind has moved, it has moved.

You can’t call it back. And you will tire yourself trying to chase it.

All you can do is accept its departure,

and perhaps always remember that you once experienced its breeze.



Embrace with honesty

Embracing something doesn’t mean that you can’t be upset by it.

It means despite that or anything else, you choose to still move through it.

You can do this without suppression or trying to lie to yourself.

If you’re upset be fully upset, and then continue when you can.



Therapy still matters

Spiritual rituals and cleansings don’t erase trauma.



Other bribes

Everytime I chose to stay alive, I was given more words.


This is how God bribes the writer.



Underrated power

Knowing when to keep quiet is a superpower.



How deep do YOU go?

Your needs will be met

at the level of trust you hold.



The kind are wise

Kindness and wisdom go hand in hand.

The former is so much more than just a sweet gesture.

There’s a divine intelligence to it that whispers.



Laws of faith

Spirit has this condition where you are required to take a few uncertain steps

towards something before getting full clarity on how it will come together.


Make some moves to retrieve the secrets of your purpose.



Dreams demand respect

Take your heart’s dreams as seriously as you take the work you do under/for other people/institutions.

Those dreams also require and deserve that respectable and impressive work ethic from you.



Silent choices

When you say no to something, there’s something else that you are saying yes to. And vice versa.




When you’re hung up on the consequences of the one communicated out loud,

bring focus to the one you chose silently.

The silent choice has the real intel about where you stand.



Your story

To maintain alignment with your soul,

you need to be loyal to your own narrative.




Don’t move your mouth

before time moves its hand.



Healing laws

Recovery is a universal law.

You WILL recover.

You WILL say “I used to be…”

This WILL be your new story.



Mean it

You can do all the necessary actions, follow all of the protocol and instructions and STILL kungabi nokukhanya ngoba kusagobeke umoya nenhliziyo yakho.


You better make sure that your entire self/energy aligns with what you announce with your tongue.



How to be rich

Where possible,choose the path where your win can result in the wins of others too.

That’s the path to walk on if you never want to be poor.