As a child, it was something you knew you deserved. There was no doubt. It was a plain fact. You wanted it, so why not.

When you grew up, the language changed. You learnt to call the things you deserve faith. You forgot how to call them by name.

And they became harder to hold.



Keep speaking

It doesn’t matter if your voice is quivering. Keep speaking. You’re on your way to your power. In fact, it already exists in the quiver.

Keep speaking.

They will shout over you.

Keep speaking.

They will attack you.

Keep speaking.

Some won’t hear you.

Keep speaking.





Where are you from?

The difference between you and the next person will always be which level of the ocean you are living and speaking from.

Some speak from the shore.

Others can speak from its belly.



Embody the answers

The answers you seek will often come from, and through, you.


Answers are not only something to receive,

they are also something to be.





Be Present

The destination you’re looking for is HERE.



Mountain Promises

The breathtaking scenary on the other side of a mountain is already there.

This is something that you know. It only awaits your arrival to be seen.

What you desire exists because it’s in your heart. The actions you take complete the manifestation.

Go for hikes to tune your mind and body into this reality.

The table is already prepared for you.




Your spirit didn’t soar into this lifetime to be contained.



Future is now

Our spirits are expansive and stretch way beyond the world’s concept of time and space.

The ‘future’ that is told or shown to you is a situation that your spirit is already in.



You are ready

Dreams/goals feel scary because your mind often struggles to comprehend what your spirit is capable of.

The truth is that you’ll always have the resources to do what you need to do when the time comes.

For every given purpose you are already equipped with everything you need.



Divine knowing

To know my ancestors,

I had to know God too.



Live It

You’ve taken in the messages and have far more clarity.

But don’t get comfortable with only being a library. Live the messages out too.


Go outside and harvest.



Woman is enough

Don’t call me a superwoman. I am a woman.

All relevant qualities exist in the name already.




You can’t be a magician with shakey hands.



Law of receiving

Manifestations can fall short when spiritual work is not supported with personal development.

Umoya can only fully deliver light to a life that holds healthy space for light.



Preserve the whole tribe.

It’s not only about rituals, slaughtering and sacrifices, it’s also about doing the things embedded in your heart.

Fulfillment of self is healing, and a victory, for your whole tribe.



Divine snake

Is your spine alive yet?



Her priority

It’s not that she didn’t care anymore.

She just finally realised what actually matters

in the world

and in herself.




At some point their attempts to attack will no longer harm you,

but only affirm how much you have become.






Anger is not power.



The nightmares know

At least nightmares are loyal to the truth.





Child of the sun

…and when you say my name

call it from where the sun rises.






The real failure was when you stopped believing.



See your gold?

You were so scared to show yourself.

Little did you know that you would be sprinkling glitters of gold.



Winter is a phase

Earth knows all about the season of breaking.


She recovers

each and every time.


You too are ruled by this law.


You can recover

each and every time.



Heal in the feminine

What makes the suppression and violation of feminine energy tragic is that,

that’s the very energy that aids healing.




At some point

its all on you.


Not your guides.








Love and maybe

Maybe you’re afraid of romantic love

because you still think it’s about breaking off pieces of yourself

and handing them over.



At least

But the pain has always given me words.

That’s fair, I guess



Mouth of hell

Lives are set on fire

when tongues move carelessly.



Heal gently

Remember to be gentle with yourself in your healing.

No matter how broken you are or what faults you made,

you still deserve to be handled with love.



Come correct

You better be standing in the light

when you address me.




You are

one tough question and an honest answer away

from a breakthrough.




In times of confusion, don’t let anxiety move you from where you were planted.

That is the same place clarity wishes to meet you.


Clarity only ever wants to find you at home.







and fully see

that you are still safe.




We meditate to clear the fog off the screen of our lives.





How to fly

You never allow yourself to be light

always occupying your space with tons

and tons.


How are you ever going to fly again

with all of this weight?






Stay connected

The awakened

get lost sometimes



Your dance

Nothing can snatch your rhythm

when you’re dancing to the music

that’s inside you.



Dark games we play

They smile like they aint doing shit.

We smile back like we don’t know shit.



Take whats yours

This matrix is made up of perspectives

take only that which resonates with you



Hot questions

What kind of fire are you?

What makes you burn?

How do your flames dance?



Return to the waters

The sweetest instruction you will ever receive

is the call from the waters

telling you to return home.




Silence knows everything

Sit in silence

to hear




Noticed a pattern in certain things people often seek from you unprovoked? Puzzled as to why people often assume you can provide that service or thing?

It might be a gift or power of yours that you haven’t tapped into.



You first

You can’t have something for everything. You can’t be someone for everyone

Be comfortable with:

I can’t

I don’t know

I don’t want to

Preserve thy self.



Sincerely Yours

Dear Truth:

I’ve been getting to know you

you don’t look as bad as they told me you would.

You just feel




Like a bird

When life gives you feathers

FLY kid




Truth lives in the most ridiculous places

that’s often why we miss it.






You never see them coming.

You never know how much you need them until they arrive.



What’s your story?

You shouldn’t survive off inspiring stories that are not entirely yours forever.

Uncover your own story, it has its beauties too.



Same but different

As similar as we are

we don’t unfold the same.




One of the sure ways that spirit protects its secrets is through being so enchanting that it cannot be captured in words or images.

It can only be felt and lived.

Knowing only happens to those who really live.





are antibiotics.




When you finally show up for your truth,

you’ll be surprised to learn how many people have needed something like you.