Necessary death

Thank God I died
before I died.



Navigating feelings

Don’t resist feeling the ugly stuff, just don’t let them be you.
Watch them. Tell them you see them.
In all of that,don’t allow them to sneak into your identity.

You don’t have to become what you feel.



The promise

Even when there is a crescent moon in the sky,the shadow of the full moon sits on top of it.
A promise of light that will come.



Light is always somewhere

The sun shines during the day.
The moon and the stars shine during the night.
God has ensured we are NEVER without light.

Light is the natural state of life.

Light is the natural state of you and me.



Be present

Let every single moment have its single moment.




Stop relying on the world to reveal amaqiniso wakho.




Alternative museum

My body holds the history of many.

How could I not love it?




My favourite languages in no particular order:

1) Energy
2) Dreams
3) Intuition
4) Magic (Often labeled as co-incidence)
5) Silence
6) Music



No bad days

Every single day is pure, beautiful and created purposely for you. Don’t let polluting energies distract you from that truth.

The day rises to be on your side. It is never the enemy.



Divine memory

I’m ready to remember, and do, everything that I promised to the universe lifetimes ago.



Clipped wings

Maybe the real reason we don’t fly is because the world’s things weigh us down.
Maybe it’s not because we can’t, it’s just that we became THAT heavy.






Healers can be broken too. Be gentle around their well hidden wounds.



Love language

If you see me rushing, love me enough to remind me to slow down.



Respect the energy of another

You don’t just walk into meetings, tests and presentations mindlessly;
don’t walk into conversations soullessly either.



The favor of grace

Just one hour of grace can change your whole lifetime.





The write to life

I came into this world to leave words all over the place.







So that’s what pain is?
A massive square box that’s stuck inside a narrow throat?
Letting in just enough air for one to remain alive to feel it?
While also leaving enough out so one still suffocates?






Life flows from treated wounds.




You are the most beautiful thing that you will ever experience.



I mean?

How do you expect to experience magic when you keep rejecting the things that don’t look like your idea of normal?



Forever dying

If you last saw me even so much as an hour ago, then you haven’t seen me in a while.
That girl has died already.
I’m brand new already.

This is the pattern. Everyday. Constant death to remain constantly alive.

Constantly a right now.



BM 3


The child will always be

Thank God I am a child.

Always new.
Always learning and growing.
Always falling to remember how to stand again.
Always something that can be more.
Always not knowing enough.
Always wondering.
Always held.

I am a child; therefore eternal.

Tree body

Alot of things are going to attempt to shake your beliefs. Be grounded like a tree.

You must have seen how trees stand through a gust of wind and other threatening weather. Be that. Stand in you.

But also remember that a tree sheds its leaves too,as firm as it may stand. Make room for parts of you to be shed where necessary.

But stand while shedding. Still.

Always stand in you. Still.



You decide

God is as big as you allow.



BM 4



Being honest with myself has broken me.

And saved me.



Meditation is a lifestyle

Try to expand your perspective and idea of what meditation is. It’s really any act of stillness and awareness that makes room for your peace.
You don’t only have to be sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, eyes closed, spine straightened, and arms stretched out to be in a state of meditation. You can incorporate it in your daily activities.
Every time you watch yourself doing anything, and consciously choose to behave in a way that will preserve you, you are meditating.

You are meditating when choosing to be present and compassionate in conversation with another person. You are meditating when choosing to do your work in way that is true to you. You are meditating every time you take the time to sit down and enjoy a meal that is of nutritional value to your body. Even your approach in a disagreement can involve meditation in that very moment. The list is endless.

In all these situations you are embracing life, inviting peace into your space and existing from a place of love. You are also taking care of yourself and the rest of the universe.

Meditation is a vast form of love that anyone can practice in any way and at anytime. Just choose it




It gets weird when the woke ones seem to be in competition about who is more woke, or whose wokeness is more valid.



Pretty solo

The most beautiful journey can be the loneliest.





Dream destination

When you pull away from the things of the world, there’s only one place left to go into.




Self preservation

But what you will not do is kill me to keep yourself alive;
or erase me to make yourself visible.

Manifest without trying to take my breath.

Exist fairly here. With me.




I can be a heavy life to carry at times.



Your role

Don’t just criticise the world. Pray for it too.



DSC_2407 (1)


Basic survival

Oh, and if you can…

let people breathe around you
move by you
blossom in your presence
receive light from you
display all that they are before you,

if you can.



Normal Magic

We are really just blown away by the ordinary things that we have forgotten about ourselves.

We are magic and that’s normal.



Being enough

Constantly rediscovering that I am the one that I was waiting for.




Love is not as scarce as the world makes it out to be.


It was a tough time.

But it gave me words.

A God. Still. Always.

When you’re in a bad space the joyous sounds of laughter and cheerful chatter are suddenly a haunting audio.
Sunshine, fresh air and the general brightness of the outdoors become offensive, its almost as if the refreshing ambiance of the day is mocking your pain. But before your heart began to cry you appreciated these things.

That’s when it becomes apparent that nothing in the world is either good or bad but whatever you perceive it to be.

We are literally creators.


Powerful even in our pain.





Battered bodies

Black elderly women try to encourage us, their young black daughters, to lose our big asses and wide hips because theirs were shamed when they were growing up and even in adulthood. It’s hard for them to understand that this younger generation of black girls are actually proud of their voluptuous shapes.

One of my back mothers suggested that I trim my womanhood. I smiled and told her that my body is the way it is because I am a black woman. She was genuinely puzzled at my polite protest. I was genuinely happy and proud to be able respond to her suggestions in that way.

It was a gentle conversation.

I understood where she was coming from.

I understand the more gruesome violence elderly black women come from with their bodies.

You end what you end

You have every right to distance yourself from someone at any given time. But you better respect the consequences of it, and the vibe you create because of it.

The thing about the doors that you shut is that,

sometimes it can’t be you that opens them again.

We’re in this together

Not everyone will know what you know, feel what you feel, consume what you consume or realise whatever you realise.


Don’t attack.

We’re not going through the same experiences.

Make your discoveries accessible to your fellow man at least once.

The dark trap

The scariest thing about being in a dark place is finding your way around it. This ability can make you oblivious to the harmful impact of your night. It makes the need to pull yourself out less urgent, and perhaps even unnecessary altogether.

You think that you are living out the narrative of survivors, unaware that you’ve actually allowed the darkness to form part of your identity. Because really, how do you even begin to realise all that in your comfortable dark glory? How do you begin to grasp all that when it feels like you’re finally breathing? I mean, even imagined peace is worth holding on to.

And yes, sometimes one is genuinely surviving, lets not underestimate the strength of the spirit. Be careful though; be careful when you find yourself dealing with darkness easily. That may be an indication that you have become it.

And then…well…you’re just fucked.

May darkness never get away with imitating who you are.









Whatever kind of goodbye

They will sometimes leave your life without a word.
Allow it.
Let the space in which the exit took place be – whatever its temperature, look or sound.
Let it be.
Because goodbyes have never promised to exist in a certain kind of way.