Feminine energy: Let it breathe



The feminine energy is one that is enveloped in sacrifice and offering. Look at things like childbirth and menstruation as the most visible example. Through these and other natural sacrifices, women literally hold life together in many ways. The feminine energy keeps things afloat. It washes. It heals.


The saying “To strike a woman is to strike a rock” doesn’t speak to women being immune to pain and impractically strong, it speaks to women being significant pillars of life by natural law. In the modern age, this natural inclination to sacrifice themselves has made women seem weak and accepting of abuse.


When your natural design is to make sacrifices and offerings of yourself, you will naturally forgive and withstand pain. It is distorted to simply dismiss this as self hate, there is much more to it than that. As a woman you almost can’t help it, the same way that a tree can’t help but stand tall no matter the weather. That’s why it is important to tap into masculine energy as a woman, it is the shield that protects that which your feminine energy is naturally exposed to. The masculine energy is a protector and builder, hold that for just a moment without linking it to men, the focus here is only on energy. In saying that the masculine energy is an important one for women to tap into, manhood is not being placed on any pedastal, it is only a highlight of what that energy’s purpose is.


Inflicting any kind of attack on a woman is a massive crime, you are literally cursing yourself during the act – spitting on life’s face. Here’s the twist, that curse can be cushioned if that woman forgives you and stays to continue loving you. Again, she’s making a subconscious sacrifice connected to you, and as unjust as it seems, that can spare you. It doesn’t wipe away your crime, it only spares you. It’s seemingly unfair but that’s just how energy works, as co -creators, we have the ability to direct energy in certain ways, so even if something seems unfair to others, a choice was made on how that energy would play out. That’s a large part of why some spiritual teachers emphasise the importance of not labelling anything as good or bad, but instead viewing it as is.


Before anything, we are energy, and while some of our choices may only seem like decisions we made based on our individualism, it is also the energy that makes up our design which influences what we do and how we do it. The sweet spot is to hold this with discernment, care and health.


As a woman, you don’t have to give into the external pressures of how to live, what to do and what it means to be strong. Understand that your very nature has a significant purpose in this world. Instead of choosing that which is unnatural to you, awaken yourself to the natural powers you possess and how to hold them in a healthier way for yourself. Some things will look weak to the rest of the world but feel right to you. Some things will look strong to the rest of the world but feel wrong to you. It will serve you to learn more about the energy that you are as well as the energies you have access to,so that you can align your heart to them, and comfortably live your truth away from the world’s labels and judgement.


Re-discover what your feminine energy looks like away from the world’s instructions and ideas. Let it breathe in its natural state, understanding that this doesn’t make you weak. Find out where the pressure of empowerment suppresses you, because that is indeed a common thing that we fall trap to – draping ourselves in an empowerment that is actually suppression.


I encourage you to say and reflect upon the word antidote below. You can pray about it or even meditate on it using relevant crystals – one of the great ones to use would be the rose quartz.


Word antidote:


My natural powers are that of love, sacrifice and offering,among others. This is how I heal earth and myself. Even so, I deserve to be protected, loved,honoured and seen.

How can I ensure that I receive that which I deserve whilst holding space for my natural powers to flow out comfortably?

How does my feminine energy really breathe?







Published: 2020-03-24 - 09:51:54

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