Skin. It’s THAT deep



The skin on my face has become one of my favourite things to meet when I wake up in the morning.

After years of battling with its ailments, predominately acne, I have finally reached a place where I understand it better and can look after it better, while it has finally reached a place where it is healing. I find myself expressing gratitude to it for allowing the healing and for the power that I now have to maintain a healthier relationship with it.


It has been the most frustrating thing to not understand why it was so sad and upset, that’s what the pimples looked liked at some point, upset things. They looked like they were screaming; not knowing exactly why that was would make me miserable. Over and above how absolutely horrible it looked, completely knocking my self-esteem, I hated the fact that my skin appeared angry. I once asked it: Why are you so mad? Why can’t I help you? In hindsight, I may have been directing that question to myself as a whole back then.


I recently became intentional about praying over my skin, asking for its healing and asking for guidance on how to help it. Again, in hindsight, that was probably something I was directing to myself in general. I then started to put together my own treatment and routines. I would have never guessed that I was to be the one, with my own hands and mind, to create the medicine that my skin really needed. I sometimes wonder if the reason I struggled with it for so long was so that I would eventually be empowered to create something for myself. Maybe I was never supposed to rely on anything external to repair it, maybe that would have been too easy, lazy and blind. My skin’s healing required me to dig deeper.


Most skin products, no matter how healthy, often only remedy what is on the surface and not necessarily that which is at the root. Over and above my skin issues, I obviously had other life issues that manifested through my body, like every other human being. I am pretty sure that the other parts of my body that would dysfunction as a result of the issues I had were also causing my skin to breakout aggressively. I cannot tell you what exactly was linked to what, but I do know that the further I went into my overall healing as a person, I identified my blocks and a range of things that I needed to fix, address and/or hold better. I did the work, both intentionally and involuntarily I suppose, it was a combination of praying, ukuphahla, cleansing (Mind, body and spirit), mediation and silent reflection. Through that work, I uncovered truths. My coming up with repairing mixtures and routines for my skin was a deeper process that really began years ago, and I guess the physical manifestation of it is only appearing on my skin now. I also know that it’s not just the mixtures that are aiding it, it is an accumulation of everything that I have been through and continue to work through.


You will find that even the most highly recommended products will work on everyone else but you. This will frustrate you even more and perhaps make you even more “sick” – that too is part of the process. If you find that you are really struggling to get your skin to flourish, it’s most likely because some deeper internal work is required from you, on all levels (mind body and spirit). You must work from the bottom up, get lost and run into some bumps here and there, that’s what happens when you are healing. It’s not just about your skin, there is more to it. It’s time to figure out what that more is so that it is not just healthier skin that you achieve, but a healthier self overall.


I don’t dismiss the importance of dermatological guidance or the availability of skin products and medicines, not at all, but sometimes your skin ailments need so much more. That goes for most illnesses and ailments.


Does someone that has the perfect skin have a far healthier life? Not necessarily. Our issues live themselves out in different ways and your skin may just happens to be one of the places where it dwells. It is also important to know that where there is fixing there is also chaos, so you might find yourself breaking out even more as you tackle your skin.  That’s the nature of healing. It’s a disruptive process all the time.


More than anything, the healing of my skin is an affirming statement on my continues process in learning to master myself as whole on all levels. That is something that will never stop being a need.







Published: 2020-02-06 - 10:01:34

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