The look on his face made her afraid to blink

It was a blank expression that reflected the current state of his heart

Despite this, she still saw her hero

He desperately waited for the bat of her eyelids, for he was the vandal that caused destruction in the dark

Meanwhile she begged the stars to make her immortal, so she wouldn’t have to blink for the rest of her life

That’s how long she was willing to keep him

But the stars had other dreams to attend to, dreams with more of a promise than hers

She silently screamed at the betrayal of her anatomy as her eyelids eventually kissed

Not even the teardrop that sat at the very tip of her eye fell as quickly as he left

From that moment onward, she would always measure speed with the cracks that now made up her heart.


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Published: 2015-07-03 - 11:49:48