You’re no different from the plant that only starts to germinate after some time and in certain seasons. The plant doesn’t criticise its pace.

Learn from that.

Be easy on your personal and ancestral growth, and remember this:


For the sake of love 

Love your ancestors simply because they are your ancestors. Magic and blessings shouldn’t be your only condition.

Love for the sake of love. It’s the most important form of wealth to chase.

Trust their invisible hand

Trust what your guides have not yet told you or shown you.

Trust that they see what’s happening & something is in the works.

They will not restore you while you’re inside the pain & the dark. You are to witness their hand and hear their speech from a place of light.

Trust what you don’t know yet.

What you don’t see still moves.  

Your class

Everyone has their own unique space to unlearn and learn things about their ancestors. And when that happens, they are still there, ready to finally start growing with you.

Don’t compare your relationship with your guides with others. Your class has its own ways. Just make sure you don’t miss the ring of your bell.

It’s all you

What you think of your ancestors is really a story about how you view, carry and treat yourself too.

Everything you say after “My ancestors are…” is a mirror of you too.

Make a move

Spiritual guides require you to take a few uncertain steps

towards something before giving full clarity on how it will come together.

Make some moves to retrieve the secrets of your purpose.


Ukuhamba ukubona.


To know your ancestors,

you have to know your God too.


Nita’s Holistic Living & Lifestyle is spiritually motivated. We all aspire to be the best versions of ourselves and we all need a reminder to keep vibrating on a high frequency. Nita‘s Holistic Living and Lifestyle is here to remind you that we are worthy of a good life and to be one with the universe.

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