A message to you, from 2023 


We don’t have to hit this road running just yet. Here, at our beginning, I would like you to listen to what I have to say. And to feel what I have really come to be in your life.

Offer me your heart and time so that I can get to know you too. Show me what you learnt, became and chose in the previous year, so that I can honour that.

I may make you purge just a little bit more, if I find that you are still a little too heavy for the walks, flights and dances that we are to have together. Surrender to this and trust that I know the best form for you to be in.

Move with me, and through me, with care. If you’re feeling uncertain, that’s okay; I’m revealing myself gradually because I need to be just as careful with you. Even so, you can still be confident about the steps that you take in me.

Are you feeling slightly nervous? That’s not such a bad thing. It means our journey together matters to you. But don’t be too afraid. I am on your side, and so are the ones that watch over you.

I form part of the future years that are seating you into the New Earth. Hold onto me with both hands so that you don’t get left behind. And do not be so heavy and full that I can’t deposit enlightenment into you.

Make time to sit in silence with me often; that way we can both look after the visions that you have shared with God and your ancestors. Your visions, if authentic, are certainly theirs too.

With me you can be more brave. Speak your truth and be it – let your masks finally rest.

I may be tough on you sometimes, and you may find me quite strict. That’s only because I can’t let you fall back into what you should no longer be.

If you trust yourself, then you can trust me too. If you are loyal to yourself, I can bow down and serve you.

Keep this message in your heart. It is the companionship that the Most High wishes for us.

Offer me your courage and live me with honest intention, I may just be the dream that you didn’t know your soul had.



With love,

Twenty Twenty Three.

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