Creation is not stagnant.

Life is not stagnant. 

People and things move on from us, and we move on from them –

no matter how certain the bond.


Telling yourself to “just get over it” or to “just get over yourself” can be harsh; allow yourself to gently understand that the principles of nature are also at play.


Let go of situations without bullying yourself.

The things that you had were a moment of you,

and they had their moment with you.

When losing anything, you don’t have to lose yourself.

Remember this and trust it.


You never have to lose yourself.

Let that be your relief.  

Your experience of its beauty was an experience of you.

The poetry that you received from it was written by you.


It was always you.

It will always be you.


You get to keep that.

I know it’s easier to believe that it was wrong because it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, but –

don’t dismiss why you did it in the first place

don’t dismiss what you wanted to feel

don’t dismiss the only information you could respond to then.


All of that is still valid,

even at the end

and even where it may have gone wrong.

In you, there are many seasons and many stories. Anything that leaves your life makes space for you to live out the rest of who you are.


Things end because we are abundant.

It may have turned out to be wrong, but that doesn’t mean it was a mistake.

Even the wrong is written into our stories.

That’s what makes us whole.

 That’s what makes us real.  

When you eventually let go, an invite is sent out.  


But take your time, so that the invite is honest and right. 

Do not doubt your God and your ancestors every time your world shakes.

Go inward for shelter. 

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  1. You heard my cry and you answered. I don’t know how to express my gratitude enough for you to understand the healing you’re affording me even though it’s not your responsibility. I am eternally grateful, please keep being a light to us and helping with ways to lessen our burdens. We are truly not worthy. ❤

  2. There is a steady breath to each of the words you carry with such grace. Stern realities, too.

    Camagu , for always being guided by the wisdom of knowing when your messages will reach the spirits and beings that need to receive them

    You’re just never late, always on cue, enkosi Thong’elihle

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