We may not be fully aware of the extent, but most of the paths we have taken in our personal lives are influenced by our ancestors and are a modern manifestation of our tribe’s principles, skills and talents. You may not have full details about your lineage today, but you may still be (unknowingly) upholding your tribe’s ways through some of the work that you choose, or prefer, to do. This is especially true when you are doing things that you are genuinely passionate about.

AmaDlozi that were warriors who went out to battle and protect may influence their descendent to work for the police force today, for example. A novelist may be influenced by their ancestors who were storytellers. A psychologist may come from a lineage of healers and community builders. Someone who works as a law professional may be influenced by their ancestors who were responsible for dealing with perpetrators in their respective villages. These are all just examples of how it may translate today. The work we choose to do mirrors our spiritual essence and is often powered by what is in our blood.

In finding out about your roots, you may discover information that resonates with some of your lifestyle choices today. This is not to say these decisions are not yours. They are still decisions that are made by you, with other spiritual influence that led to your taking that path.

That’s part of why you may feel a distinct void inside of you when you are not fulfilling your passions. It’s a dissatisfaction of self and it can also be a disconnection from umsamo wakini.

Not having access to information about your roots, however, doesn’t put you at a complete disadvantage, because one of your other biggest references is your feelings about things. Feelings are memory.

Choosing things that really speak to your soul is one of the many ways that you appease your ancestors and preserve your tribe’s ways. Honour and appeasement are not limited to cultural rituals, slaughtering and sacrifices; they also extend into doing the things embedded in your heart.

Healthy and honest honour of self is healing and glorious for the tribe that is connected to you. It creates space for your ancestors and their legacy to continue living through you.

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