Thank God we keep wanting more for ourselves, hoping for better and trying to reach further, because that means we still carry the memory of our divine magnitude and beauty.

This edition of FEELS calls for you to move closer to you.

Belong to yourself again.


If you only ever decide

with your mind,

and only ever speak

from your mind –

there’s very little that you are choosing 

and saying.

Your ocean runs deeper than that.

There are parts of your life where the rain will never pour again,

 and the sun will no longer rise.

Lay the deceased versions of you down with love.

Detach gracefully,

and move to your new life faithfully.


There are other climates and seasons.

There are new parts of you to meet.

Don’t keep them unborn,

by staying in places that no longer nourish.

If your dream is to fly,

you have a responsibility to keep yourself light.

It’s great to have a fighting spirit.

It’s unfortunate if you participate in any war.

You will only ever reach the sky,

 when you finally believe that you are it.

…and if you tackled that issue, what would you lose?

Have you not lost enough from avoiding it?

You can’t be too early or too late for your life’s events –

you can only be ready.

What could have been or should be is only a story –

the real event is now.


It didn’t happen at any other time,

because that wasn’t now.

Because it wasn’t here.

You talk about THE reality,

but what is yours?

Say less about what’s out there and more on what is in you.

Don’t regurgitate when you can create.

Most of what you think you can’t control is a choice you may have been pressured to make long ago. It may be a reality that seems permanent because you have lived in it for so long. 

Grace has space for you to choose something else now.

You don’t have to connect with spirit as a seeker only. Connect with it just to be.

Do not live like you and the creator are separate entities. If it’s up to God, it’s also up to you.

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