This edition of FEELS has letters to your uncertainties, insecurities and fears. Don’t break just yet.


If the thought seems like a silly one to engage with or express, it’s most likely the most necessary one. And most likely the one coming from your inner child.

The mind has a way of turning us away from searching deeper, by disguising the route as silly – playing on our fear of looking and sounding ‘stupid.’ You may have been dismissed in this way as a child too.

Wisdom and truth are often buried in what is seemingly silly.

Engage with your silly. Give your inner child that attention. They have something to say. 

Name it to kill it.


These things that are sitting inside of you – what are they called?

Dare to finally look at them by saying all of their names.

Things begin to move



when you give them a name.

They lose the power to disguise themselves as you when you call them out. 

Say their names to save who you really are. 

Whatever kind of hope 

No matter how small hope is inside of you; it keeps you alive. It’s not the size of it that matters, it is the fact that you have it at all that does.

If you can only manage to hold a small amount of hope in your current season, then do just that. It’s big enough for now.

There is no perfect way of choosing life. What matters is that you choose it.  

Tedious is also a teacher 

You may be given what is seemingly little to see what you can actually do and what you are actually capable of. There you will see that you didn’t have little at all.

And sometimes you are given much,

so much,

to realise that none of it is needed.

Sometimes, it’s only the tedious roads that can show us who and what we really are. 

There are moments when your guides must leave you alone to deal with yourself.

Because part of what you need to get comfortable with in this lifetime is navigating your own shadows.


Your questions may be met with silence because the choice is yours to make, using the values and principles that you’ve been shown before. Some of the answers that you are waiting for were given to you a while back already. It is now on you to go inward and retrieve them.

Your answers are not always new things.

“How did you fix it?”

“I didn’t fix it. I couldn’t fix it. I just breathed through it.”



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