You have the divine right to create and live a reality that resonates with who you believe yourself to be and who you have discovered yourself to be.


You have the divine right to move away from the status quo, conditionings and popular beliefs so that you can experience the threads that God carefully put together to give rise to you. You have the divine right to want and seek your own soul that much.


Do not be detoured from your own mission. Divinity declared it valid.

It might seem like you didn’t finish what you started, but your perception of what the “end” looks like may be different from spirit’s intended “end” for you. Some situations don’t bid us farewell in the conventional manner and yet the disruptive leave may still be right on time.


You may not have achieved what you think you should have and instead finished collecting what spirit needed you to receive from the experience.

Why do you feel sad even when you end something that wasn’t good for you?

Because you’re mourning.


Every ending needs mourning, because something has died. Whether it was good or bad for you, you must grieve before you can move on. This is a necessary part of nature.


You don’t have to question or doubt your grief.


When something of yours is destroyed, go into the room where souls mourn – and mourn.

But keep the room open.


Where there is loss, something new should arise – let it not find the room closed.

Mourn with open doors and windows.

Don’t rush to fix it. That which is broken has messages for you too.

Listen to the shattered pieces before clearing them away.

Every season/level of your life is created to give you offerings only up to a point. The mind may translate that point as a block or amabhadi when its actually a call for you to shift. 


The things around you stop and expire,

but you don’t.

Recovering doesn’t mean that you forget.

Recovering doesn’t mean that your life goes back to being the same.

Recovering doesn’t mean that you won’t feel hurt, or cry, when you think about it.


Recovering doesn’t mean getting back what was lost.

Recovering does not erase the scars caused by the event.

Recovering doesn’t erase the event. 


Don’t force your recovery into boxes that don’t give you permission to break through.  Be fair on yourself and your healing. Look at where you can still break through.

When the wind has moved, it has moved. You can’t call it back, and you will tire yourself trying to chase it.


All you can do is accept its departure and embrace that you once experienced its breeze.

 Endings are experienced at the door of beginnings.

We bend, but we don’t break.

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  1. Thokoza Gogo,
    This was a very therapeutic piece, so comforting and mind shifting. I realized it’s okay to feel and accept even the unfavorable life experiences instead of wanting to rush to move on.

    Thank you

  2. Thokozani gogo.

    Thank you for this. Your posts always resonate. They are always on time.

    Lesedi, Kganya.

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