It’s a beautiful thing to take your time

To develop gradually

To be a breath that God and the ancestors soak truth into thoroughly.

There’s nowhere to rush to. You’re still going to be right here.

It will only ever be happening right now.


Receive the messages below as whispering companions to the ongoing path into – you. 


Sometimes “the hard way” is the only suitable teacher for the given circumstance.

The only teacher that will be taken seriously.

The only teacher that will be listened to.

The only teacher that will eradicate all ignorance and repetition.


The only teacher to save the rest of your life.




Bringing you into your new world and dimension is the smallest matter for God and your guides; making sure that you can withstand the varying climates of your new world and honour everything that is inside of it is the bigger matter.

That is what they really prepare you for.


It’s more than what your mind’s impatience is imagining it to be.

You are qualifying for far more than you think.




There are certain things that the mind should not be involved in, because mind’s way of understanding can kill true essence.


Leave it out of your mind’s understanding

and pray it into your spirit’s inner standing.




Listen to what your ancestors of light say about your path and believe them.


Even if it contradicts what you have heard or read –

believe them.


Parts of you may not be resembled anywhere else –

believe them.


They know who you are.

They know where you come from.

They remember what you came to be in this lifetime.

Believe them.




Guidance is not the full story and it is in fact not supposed to be; it is an offering of direction to your free will. How you respond with your free will is what makes the full story.

Your being a co-creator is a condition that will never be hampered with; that would be unnatural to your existence.

You are not only a result of creation, you are a moving element within it too.




Worry less about how it will work out and more about opening your heart so that there are possibilities for it work out –


and so that you can accept whichever way it does work out.


When your heart is open, you have access to your resilience.




If you pause and observe the little details in your behaviour honestly, you may find that you already have an answer to what you think you’re still undecided about. Sometimes your spirit is already moving ahead while your mind is still having its own debate.

Engage in practices that silence your mind to see what your spirit is already flowing to. That’s how you look into your future.  




At any given time, the universe positions anybody in the right place at the right time to provide what the next person needs. If you can offer honest humility and compassion to others, no matter what their position is,  the hands of grace will always be able to reach you.




Learn everything that you need to know,

not everything that there is.


If you love being beautiful, be in love with the pace and chaos of the beauty’s ongoing formation too. Love how you are being undone and formed back and forth into your everything. Love the seconds, minutes, hours, highs, lows and in betweens. Accept everything about the relentless journey with your beautiful.

Impatience robs you of the majestic view of your detail. Appreciation of the pieces doesn’t have to live in spaces of hindsight, they can be marveled at right now.

Look at you right now, you’re being undone.

Look at you right here, you’re shifting.

Look at you, you’re becoming more and more beautiful!


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  1. I honestly love this piece…..we must indeed learn everything that we need to know, not everything that there is.

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