It’s quite a challenge to sit with the task of helping someone, while the painful memories you still hold around them also sit right next to you. Spirit can put you in that position; leading you to reach a level of forgiveness you were not interested in going that deep for.

Our capacity to forgive is bigger than we may realise. Most times we refuse to realise this and believe that our hearts can only open so much. That’s until life’s waves toss you into a situation that needs you to expand your heart. And to expand it honestly. Because genuine love is the only thing that will work for that circumstance. Now you have to address the pain that you held about that person and situation. It’s time to heal the circumstance. This wasn’t even in your schedule or day’s plans, perhaps not even a life plan at all, but suddenly you’re there having to do the work.

As reluctant as you may be, there is a deeper knowing that even though your pain is valid, it shouldn’t get in the way of spirit’s work – God’s work. Eventually you also realise that it was indeed time to let that thing go.

This is when you see something quite surreal – you see that your heart has more space than you gave it credit for. You discover that actually, yes, you are indeed God. Only God knows this level of forgiveness and love. Only God can take you there.


Find healing in forgiveness, and let God take you to the places of yourself that pain doesn’t allow you to fully see.

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