People often cry in spiritual consultations. They are not always tears for that moment of the session, but tears that have been buried for a while. Tears that have never really been given a fair chance at life. Old tears that come from far away, all rushing into that single moment where they can finally pour out.

Emotional suppression is a large part of what blocks the vital connection to our spiritual guides. This is what makes it crucial for us to always deal with our emotions. This edition of FEELS is your reminder to grant yourself the healing of expression.


Say it


When your voice quivers-  

Speak anyway.  


When they shout over you-  


and then return

to continue speaking anyway.


When they disagree-

Speak again tomorrow anyway


Some of them won’t listen.

Speak anyway.


Some of them won’t understand.  

Speak anyway.


Let your silence only ever be a chosen discipline and wisdom,

not an imposed prison.


Khulumela impilo yakho 

Siyakhuleka. Siyaphahla,

to bless our lives and appease spirit.

A testimony and reminder that expression is a large part of what keeps us alive. This communication is a ritual of release, creation and upliftment.

Impilo iyakhulumelwa.  

All things demand to be seen 

If the words arrive at the doorstep of your tongue and you turn them away, they will arrive on another day, 


or year- 



Allow yourself to cry at any given time that you need to.

There are things that you make space for when you do.


To hold back tears

is to captivate that which needs be freed for parts of you to heal, and

 more of you to grow.




One of your life forms is indeed rain.

Live that form of you out bravely.

Let it breathe 


Some things only need you to put them out in the open honestly for them to fix themselves inside of you.





Communication, in any form, is powerful medicine. If it is seen, it can be addressed.

Expose your struggles and conflicts to the air and Sun,

that is where God and the ancestors are. 


Closing Prayer 

When you cannot wrap your life’s desires, cries and needs into the symbol of words and the melody of your voice; 

may your creator, ancestors and angels receive them from your heart.



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