A lazy day that she could finally show up for. A day that demanded rest. This kindness from a day was one she hadn’t felt in a long time. The past few weeks had only been suffocating.

She rested all the way into the evening where the Full Moon’s glow gracefully sat. So kind was this day, it even offered her a clear view of Moon’s rise. It was a blessing that sneaked in because she was too comfortable in her resting position to get up and close the door of her hut for the evening.

Slowly and intentionally – that’s how this Moon ascended. She saw the radiance of its light first. It was peaking just behind the roof of the building that was facing her. It seemed to be making sure the coast was clear.

When she saw this from her little cosy hut, she decided that she wouldn’t close the door for the evening as she usually does. Moon had captured her and erased the necessity of routine. All she wanted to do was watch it rise.

She couldn’t see Moon’s movement, but noticed that it was higher with the passing of time. She wished she could move like this in her own life – intentionally rise and glow without being loud.

Moon eventually made contact with the clouds that were above it, and slowly rose up through them. The greys of these clouds dimmed its light, but still it rose. She admired how Moon continued with its sensual mission despite the taints of darkness now wrapped around it. This darkness seemed to be a mere temporary event that didn’t detour Moon’s determination to ascend. Moon’s courage was a marvel.

Moon continued going higher until it was eventually above the clouds. At this point its glow could be fully seen again. This magnificently silent performance was happening before the eyes of a simple girl who just wanted to rest in her hut. It triggered memories of the many times that the flights she was on, when traveling, would experience turbulences when passing through the clouds.

Clouds – they seem to carry so much chaos. That’s really what life’s turbulences are, she thought, a passing through the clouds. It seemed less destructive and defeating when she reflected on it in that way. As chaotic as they are, clouds are just that- clouds. She closed her eyes and reflected on this for a while. By the time she looked at Moon again, it was higher up, way above the clouds it had passed through, glowing ever so gloriously.

The clouds eventually vanished as though they were never there. She wondered if it was Moon’s glow that had killed them. Maybe it’s light was also a ruthless weapon. Were these chaotic clouds now just a distant memory for Moon? She wondered about this because Moon had gracefully moved on, and didn’t seem traumatised or bitter. In fact, it was larger and fuller. It was as if the greys of the clouds had fed Moon something that made it bigger. Perhaps these greys carried parts of Moon’s becoming. What a temporary thing, this darkness. It just dies while Moon continues to live.

To pass through the clouds and continue to rise. To rise so high and glow as though the clouds were never there. This is what Moon whispered to the young girl on the evening of that lazy day when she finally got to rest. It was inside of this rest that she learnt more about Moon’s calm will to live.

Eventually, Moon seemed to have stopped rising. It stood still, seemingly satisfied with how far up it had gone. The young girl figured that this was probably Moon’s time to rest and simply be. Moon seemed to be sitting where her own soul had also landed after being suffocated by the clouds of the last few weeks.

Two beings. One in the sky and the other in a hut, sharing the same experience after traveling a similar turbulent journey.

The young girl smiled, because it dawned on her that this Moon that she had always admired was just like her.


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