Waiting for space to have your rest is futile, you have to make the space. Remember that resting is not just a luxury, it’s actually a responsibility. Put everything down for a moment without shame, fear or excuses, and allow your life to receive fuel. The permission to take it easy can only come from you.


Your rest doesn’t want anything more from you but your breath; disappear into yourself to let it see you and cater to you. Its stillness may have some of the answers you seek, and if the answer handed to you is nothing, that’s something to believe and accept too.

Face nothing and just rest.

Your rest doesn’t care about what you must do tomorrow and what you didn’t do today. It has no use for your achievements and goals.

Let everything go for now and just rest.

Your rest doesn’t count the miles you have walked, it counts the moments in which you finally sit down with yourself to simply be. It doesn’t want justifications or any other conversation from you, what matters is that you need it and it is there for you.

Be silent and just rest.

Your rest does not pity you when you cry, it celebrates your release. It will not convince you that everything is going to be okay- believe that your surrender to it is the wellness.

Please just rest.

Your rest doesn’t have to inspire or motivate you. Despite the world’s demands, you don’t always have to try so hard to be alive. Just be alive.

 Be simple and just rest.

Your rest does not care for the pride that you have in your strength, and it may even laugh at your problems – hear that music and remember that things are not always that serious.

Get over your mind and just rest.

Discover the feelings of seconds and minutes in your rest. Take in the experience of its moments and marvel at the gift of still being here.

Receive life for what it is and just rest.

Settle into your rest fully to receive a mirror of all that the creator has ever needed you to be – you and just you. Indulge in the sufficiency of that for a while.

You can be full and alive without anything else. Give thanks for this and just rest.


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