This edition of FEELS is a call to keep your light on. Never forget that the same force that made the stars, made you too.

Exist like you are chosen, because you literally are.


Be ready to receive anytime

There are moments in life where your tap of opportunities just opens without an announcement or explanation – be a place for them to land and fit at any given time.

Keep your hands open for unexpected falls of grace.


When you manifest your blessings, you also manifest the challenges that come with it.

In your storms, know that you are still aligned.

Know what not to listen to anymore 

Don’t wait for the voices that discourage you to finally be silent; they may never keep quiet for as long as you live.   

What you must do instead, is stop believing them.


Your miracles can be unlocked from something as simple as a change in perspective.

Weak tricks 

Don’t let the loud nature of dark forces distract you into thinking they are more powerful.

What seems like their power is really just their noise.

Don’t be too quickly shaken by noise.

Take what’s yours  

You want it because there is a knowing inside that you deserve it.

You think you may be able to because there is a knowing that you can.

The ideas and suspicions you have about yourself are whispering revelations about you.

Whatever it is, go ahead. You have received the whisper.

Go ahead.  

It’s on you 

Despite their capability, birds wouldn’t be able to fly if they didn’t trust their wings.

For your gift to work – you, its master – must trust it first.

When your audacity is firm,

the universe will do for you what others think can’t be done.

Truth always prevails.

There are more chances of you being aligned then misaligned. You’re connected to so much that will always call you back. It’s not easy to erase what is.


You worry too much about how much time you have.  

As if your soul will end here.

As if your soul ends at all.



I am Welcome Moyo, The Stylish Poet. I believe I am called to inspire awe in the human spirit. I make art that elevates emotion and strengthens your faith in something bigger than yourself. My interest lies in merging and mastering style and poetry.

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