Let Your Heart Work [Full Moon Reflection]

What have you rooted yourself in, and what kind of soil is nourishing your personal reality and legacy? Are you still living and working from your heart? These are some of the reflections that this Full Moon season is encouraging.

The energy of the past cycle has been made up of chances to explore what routines, lifestyle choices and relationships work for us. It has revealed what kind of reality and treatment nourishes us, what inspires/motivates us to be nurturing (to ourselves and others), and what actually causes us to stop blooming.

Consider your life to be a garden that you are tending to – the past cycle has been showing the fertiliser and soil that you have been using while also showing you the soil and fertiliser that is still available for you to use.  Through all of this, you may have been inspired to think more carefully about what the garden needs. This garden is the reality and personal legacy that you are continuously building.

Everything must be rooted in nourishing soil to grow and bloom, and you are reminded that there is no greater nourisher than love. Therefore, it is important for you to check if you are still working and living from the place that love flows from – your heart. This Full Moon season is offering energy for you to do this more honestly and clearly if you take up the chance. The emphasis is on reviewing where it is that you are burnt out and demotivated as this is interrupting your heart center and the flow of love that needs to be poured into your reality and all that you are creating in it. Love remains the fertiliser that the soil of your life will always need to raise your flowers. This is the time to rescue your heart from what sits on top of it as rubble and save your flowers from suffocating.

This season also seeks to assure us that the heart was made to be wiser and stronger than we may think; it is in fact safe and productive to work from it despite what the world may say. Its love is not only an emotion, it is a functional principle.


Let everything you do receive your whole heart.

Do it over and over again,

for as long as it takes.

It is well, and never a waste of time, when it is the heart that is working.


It is never too slow or fast when it’s from the heart, and never too much or too little. The heart only sings tunes that are true and moves to the beat of what is real. 


The heart will tell you if you are ready or not.

The heart will tell you if you are finished. 

It is where God’s word dwells.

Hear your heart and let it show you how to work and live. 


It has been said that the heart shouldn’t always be listened to because it can cause you to make silly choices.


The heart does not cause poor choices,

but a life that is lived without balance can.


Many are afraid of what the heart is capable of, so afraid they call it silly and try silencing it. The heart can love so deeply and what really worries them is that they might lose or be harmed.


The heart’s love doesn’t harm,

but fear and false ideas of loss can. 


Brave ones know the only real loss is in stopping the heart from working.

Wise ones know there is nothing for them to lose if it is the heart that is working. 


The word of God made life,

but the word had to be filled with love first,

for life to grow.


Return to working with your heart if you have been leaving it out. And if you have been working from it, feel safe in working deeper with it when it opens more room to. The heart is wiser and stronger than we can imagine; it can only be harmful to you if your life is not balanced.

Balance your life and let your heart be free to build your reality and legacy in love.

Let your heart work.


* See: 1 Corinthians 13 *

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