I don’t… like you?

This story can now breathe, without the air of frustration.

I just can’t seem to flow to your energy,

and perhaps you can’t flow to mine either.


These things happen in nature,

some elements just don’t mix.

Like oil and water.

Hey, do you also ever wonder if those two hate each other?

I reckon it’s just their stories that demand them to separate.


These things happen in nature,

some elements just don’t mix.


In the midst of these stories,

I still…love you?

This is something I celebrate,

it means your nature doesn’t change mine.

I guess love really doesn’t just die from stories,

and the God in me still recognises the God in you.


I’ve stopped wishing that you were different.

Maybe what you are aligns

with the pact you made with God.

I don’t know what you both agreed on,

but I wouldn’t want to hamper it with my own stories on what you should be.


I’ve seen you being beautiful though.

I’ve touched the parts of you that are safe,

but this vault is never open for too long.

Maybe there’s a bigger reason for it to close on me.


But you know what’s crazy?

There you are,

still look like nothing less than a God.


Maybe I’m the God of water, 

and you the God of oil. 

Just doing what we can

to keep our kingdoms alive.

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