Makukhanye – The truth about light

When you are asking or wishing for light, you must remember that light cannot only be the delightful outcome that it is popularly assumed and expected to be. Light makes way for you to see, and it brings forth revelations. It is an offering from spirit that allows you to receive information and knowledge. All of this won’t necessarily be a nice experience only; but it does bless you with the vision, grace, and insight to move accordingly through the situation that you may be in, and your life in general.

It’s good to expect the light to be pretty because that intention opens your heart to grace and favour. Alongside that however, you should hold a truthful view of what light is in totality so that you don’t engage it with bias and limitation – otherwise you will end up hurt and disappointed, thinking that the light didn’t show up for you. Spirit will bring you light when you sincerely ask for it, and you just need to open your heart to its honesty. Light is all encompassing – that’s what makes it light – it wouldn’t be light if details were hidden.

“Makukhanye” really means give me sight. When you are made to see the circumstance for what it is through the light, you can then go on to strategise and achieve what is well for the situation and of course the will of God and your guides. That is the real grace and favour of light.

So, every time you say “Makukhanye” – understand what that really means. If you want the light, you too must be the light that is willing to see all the details that true light exposes.

Give light the space to be honest with you. Position yourself to be as whole and honest as it is. Be brave and remain faithful through what it shows you, it is all part of the journey to the favour you seek.



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