As you live out this human form – occupying various roles and positions while having a unique personality and character – what you also are is energy.

Our desire for tangible items and circumstances is also a desire for the energy that they are and the energy that they are linked to. Anything that we acquire and live through in our physical reality is an experience of energy first and foremost. The energy that you are seeks the energy in something and someone else. Because of this, matching the energy of anything that you desire is a necessary part of manifesting and attaining it. The energy alignment supports, strengthens, and inspires the act of implementation.

The law of attraction teaches us to believe in, and affirm, our desires to draw them in. But the most practical way to draw in your desires is to live out the beliefs, affirmations and mantras through all the choices you make in every single area of your life.

Engage with yourself on why you want to achieve something to get to the root of what you are really seeking. This trail of reflection can further guide you on what it is that you need to hold and shape about yourself to reach that goal; it can also reveal where and why you may possibly miss the mark. It may not even be that item or circumstance that you desire, but the reality that comes with having it. Perhaps you need to unlock a particular version of yourself first to reach a goal, because even desires have their unique terms and conditions to abide by.

The mind often translates and presents our soul’s needs as something tangible and that is what we usually hold as the main desire. But our physical reality is similar to our dreams – what our minds are fixated on when we are awake can also be symbols, codes and representations of something else that the soul is yearning for.  The tangible achievement may not actually be your target, but rather a metaphor of what your soul needs. This is not to distract you from achieving the tangible desire or invalidate it, it is to remind you that it is not only the tangible form that matters, but also all the energy that it is and linked to. Now if you haven’t tuned into the energy that you need to be for that desire -both through your journey to it and having it – you may miss the goal. There will be no pathway for you and the goal to meet.

You may desire something because you find it beautiful, comfortable, convenient, and freeing -this could be a car, location, job post, house, vacation or any other item of luxury. Look at what attracts you the most about the desire and consider how you hold those qualities and features in relation to yourself.

If you want it because you find it beautiful – see and honour your natural beauty and worth.

If you are attracted to the freedom it may give you – grant yourself freedom in your day to day to life. Let go of people and situations that suppress you. Get comfortable with saying no. Expose yourself to the outdoors.

If it’s about the comfort and convenience – offer yourself grace. Be gentle with yourself in all that you do and command comfort from your relationships and interactions.

The above is just examples of the trail to follow.

Again, your desire is still a valid thing to chase, but it has an energy stamp that your entire self and consciousness should be tuned into for progressive movement.

It may all seem taxing on paper, but it’s the most practical way of generating energy that aligns with the life that you want. The matching energy that you give rise to within yourself is the pulling force, which is further supported by your acts of implementation. All of this motion is part of what leads to your ‘coincidently’ coming across the very people and opportunities that are linked to what you are seeking.

It’s also important to remember that when you achieve something, you want to be able to maintain and grow it, right? You can only do that if the aligning energy is grounded in you and your life. The honour that you give yourself is a significant lead in the process.

Most importantly, remember this: In all that we set out to achieve in this lifetime, the most important purpose is to experience ourselves. Experience the very gifts (talents, blessings, skills) that aid your capability to manifest and create. Your desires guide you into experiencing the wander that you are (I consider them as Shamans in their own right).

So, align to the energy of your aspirations by being, practicing and exhibiting the very energy of those aspirations in all the areas of your life. It’s never just the aspirations that you are collecting; you are also fetching new and higher forms of yourself. Be completely involved and present in the process.


Gobela izifiso zakho.  


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