Embrace the baby steps and fall in love with learning to walk.

Beginnings are sacred.

Learning is sacred.


Give these journeys more grace and less pressure.

More patience and less speed.

More nurture and less force.

More listening and less demands.

More whispers and less shouts.


Your beginnings are sacred.

Your learning is sacred.


Meditate on these messages: 

When you can’t be strong, you can at least be brave.


Being brave is different from being strong in that,

it doesn’t ask you to remove your fragility.

It gently calls you to stand up,

even with a crooked posture.

Wherever it seems impossible, it whispers:

“just try.”


Bravery is an offering to your vulnerability,

  you can give it your shaking hands.



When you can’t be strong,

just be brave.

To humbly accept that you don’t know is wealth, because it makes room for your life to receive.

If the journey is unknown to you, that should be your reminder to walk through it with humility.


“Where do I start?” you may say.

Start with humility,

guidance emerges from that.

Just because your mind doesn’t understand,

that doesn’t mean you don’t.

Don’t always look to agree with your mind,

you are more

and deeper than it.  

Dreams and goals often seem unreachable because the mind often struggles to comprehend what the spirit is capable of.


But you’ll always have the resources to do what you need to do

when the time comes.


For every given purpose

you are already equipped

with what you need.



Your dreams need you to believe this. 


When water meets a barrier it changes direction and continues to run.

Sometimes it flows around that barrier.

With enough force, it can even move the barrier.


Things are as limiting as you make them. Embark on your journey like water-

the very element that you are largely made up of. 

Your name was the first prayer that was said upon your life. At every beginning, remember your name’s meaning and reason. 

Walk into your journeys with the energy that was offered to you at birth.

…and even if you are just moving a stone, that is part of the mountain in motion.


Let every little stone have your whole heart.

Honour every little stone’s importance.

“How do I prepare for what I don’t know? For something that can’t be prepared for?” 


“You surrender.”


Do that.


The breathtaking scenery on the other side of a mountain is already there. This is something that you know. It only awaits your arrival to be seen and received. 


What you desire exists because it’s in your heart. The actions you take complete the manifestation.


That vision that you’re holding in your heart

is the table that has been prepared for you.

While you think you’re waiting for God, your guides & the universe to deliver, they await your rise so you can finally take what’s yours.


Most times, what we are really waiting for is ourselves. 

Spirit has this condition, where you are required to take a few uncertain steps towards something before getting full clarity on how it will come together.


Make some moves to retrieve the secrets of your purpose.

Ubona ngokuhamba. 

Be on guard for the old versions of you that try to creep back in. Remind them who you have chosen to be and send them back to sleep with love.

No matter how long you have put some things off, you can still receive their glory when they happen.

When you finally do it, don’t take away the glory or let them take away your glory by saying that it should have happened back then. Receive it like there was no other time for it to happen. Appreciate that it is happening NOW. 

Take the glory that had enough love and patience to wait for you. You don’t deserve it any less.

Have your God’o’clock. Have NOW.

Are you scared?






That’s how you know it’s brand new,

and that you are brand new in it. 


Embrace these conflicts that come with it.

Make it a good fight. 

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