You know what my favourite kind of spaces are?

Spaces where I can rediscover and collect pieces of myself. Spaces where I can learn from the perspectives of others, where the lesson is not forced but simply just flows into me. Spaces where I can receive and tell stories. Spaces where I get a view of just how different and similar I am to another.

All of this is the kind of space that I always want BeautifulMess to be for anyone who connects with it.

It’s the same website and concept that some of you already know and engage with, but with a new look and a more refurbished intention to hold space for anyone to connect with themselves. For a while now, I have been wanting to move away from predominately sharing on social media so that BeautifulMess, an extension of my healing work, can be received in a more intimate and safe space by those who genuinely wish to connect with its offerings.

Come into this space with your ancestors of light. Go through this content with their eyes and wisdom too.


Newsletter: We now have a newsletter that anyone can sign up to. As a subscriber you will get notifications on new posts in your mail. You will also receive event invites, insights, offers and other conversations that may occasionally come up as BeautifulMess continues to unravel.

Feels: This page is a space where we share perspectives, messages and short stories that may or may not resonate with you at any given time. None of it is forced to be your truth. Receive whatever speaks to you. Receive whatever flows to you.

Podcast: The BeautifulMess Podcast can now be accessed on this website. It is also still available on other podcast platforms.

Stories: This is the original blog space that will continue to feature longer focused pieces.

Advertising: Space has been created for anyone to showcase/advertise their work; these enquiries will be curated for the consideration of BeautifulMess’s community, values and purpose. All advertising comes at a rate that is dependent on the nature of showcasing agreed upon. Relevant details will be provided upon enquiry.

Ukukhanyisa: Contributions and gratitude of any amount towards the work and maintenance of BeautifulMess is welcome and appreciated. This is completely optional. The account details can be found on the Contact page. For transparency, I’d like to clarify that BeautifulMess is not a charity, nor is it currently linked to any charities.

Some of you already know that we love engaging back so your comments, via the comments section or mail, are welcome. It’s great when others share their own teachings and perspectives, so please do.

That’s all from me.

I invite you to be a part of BeautifulMess’s universe

Masiphile. Siphilisane.




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