Some revelations are not supposed to be shared at a particular time because they would interrupt or distract one from which ever stage of their life that they are at. Things will only be revealed to you when you have reached a place where you can hear them with wisdom. Information that lands ‘too early’ can be held in a way that is unhealthy, which will leave you in a vulnerable position.

Father Time knows when it’s best for you to receive. Be grateful for what you don’t know YET. Accept that it’s not time. Because that’s often all it is – not time yet. Or rather, there is no space in you yet.

This is why it’s important for see-ers to be disciplined and resist the ego’s urge of merely displaying their ability to see. One’s experience is often a necessary part of the revelation. To be handed information without your having experienced certain things yet can harm you on many levels, and it can block you too.

If it hasn’t landed, it’s not time just yet. There’s no space in you yet. You need to learn to accept that with grace.


While you’re here, I suggest that you go back to all of the times when you did finally realise something. Think about how you would have held it if it had come earlier. This is the internal reflection you should try to go back to when you struggle with your patience. Perhaps you would have still been able to hold it if it had landed earlier. Perhaps that is the case indeed. But think about the difference in the HOW – the quality of that hold.

I remember my 2016. It was a good year for me, because most of what I had wished for came to be. It wasn’t long before those things faded away. I won’t get into the details, but at a later stage of my life those things returned. Not only was I able to hold them better, but I had more insight around them that I didn’t have before. My knowledge around the principles of those things was of a far better quality. This made me more confident in holding them, but most importantly, it also felt safer. It didn’t feel like I could simply lose them, because I had gained more knowledge about myself. I discovered that those things were merely a symbol of what I am; that’s why the option of loss fell away. I can’t lose what’s inside me.

With that short story shared, here’s something else to remember: Sometimes the universe will simply hand things to you ‘earlier’ just so that you can see what is possible. This is what the spiritual guides often do – support you in achieving the desires of your heart, before it all suddenly slips away. That loss is sometimes an indication that something more needs to be done. This can be anything – you may need more lessons, cleansings, or rituals. You may simply just need to walk further in your life journey to collect experiences that have the knowledge you need to hold about yourself.

Nothing that is for you will be kept away from you. With spirit, quality matters. If you are not at your best quality yet, you’re going to have to walk further, do more and wait a bit longer.


The Sun rises slowly.

The Moon gradually reaches its full form.

Indalo iyaphekwa, amkela uk’pheka kwakho.


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