“When the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen”

This verse often types itself out in my mind when a long-awaited milestone of any kind is reached. The Lord has indeed made it happen with Sango, a new mobile app that safely connects the community to spiritual healers all over the world. The other victory is that it was founded, and is led, by a gifted black woman, Gogo Lindelwe Dube. Above all else, it is beautiful to witness such developments in this area of work that has been subjected to gruesome shame, ignorance, attacks, and oppression.

I invite you to read Gogo Lindelwe’s story below about Sango; the journey of how it came to be and what it is here to do for you. 

Lindelwe Dube


As written by Lindelwe Dube: 

I have been asked a number of times how the Sango app came about and I really wanted to tell this magical story of how it came to be. Alas, I have to be honest. I was simply feeling inconvenienced because I needed several different spiritual tools and there was just no easy access to them. It was 2019, I had returned to my apartment all hot, sweaty and sticky from a trip to the local market on a hot summer’s day. I threw myself on my bed and I just told my ancestors that I wanted convenience. I didn’t understand why in this day and age, products for healers had to be found in the outskirts of society or why there wasn’t a place you could easily find healers you resonate with.

A few months down the line, I dreamt of this app. It was so clear that I woke up and immediately created a table of how it would look and what it would entail. Once I was done, I called a close friend and shared this bizarre dream. We discussed names and suddenly I said “Sango,” and that is how I knew that I had to find a way to turn this dream into a reality.


A year later, March 2020- during the early stages of lockdown because of Covid- I took some time to really rest and heal all parts of me that felt exhausted and broken. It was during that time that I began working towards Sango. I first tried getting funding, however the feedback always made me realise that people had misconceptions about the real work healers do. I simply did not have the patience to debunk myths, instead I wanted Sango to be the teacher. I finally decided to take a risk and use the little I had to find someone to develop this app with me. I was not sure if it would work but I took the chance. I would rather have failed having tried then to have failed doing nothing at all.

After a vigorous search, one of my favourite former academic lecturers told me that her partner who was a developer had taken an interest in the app. I had finally found someone and I was excited! I soon discovered the pains of developing an app; there have been ups and downs- conceding certain ideas and agreeing to implement at later stages. Although it was a rough journey, it has been a beautiful journey which has taught me discipline and patience. Every time I thought we were at the end, I discovered that the road was longer and difficult.

Through determination and with a great team, we are finally ready to share Sango with the world. It is intended to bridge global spiritual knowledge and assist people in finding a diverse group of healers who can help them with their spiritual journey. Sango provides options on your consultations, from different types of divinations to different types of consultations- be it physical or virtual. Should you choose to meet with a healer, the app allows you to share your location with your loved ones so that your whereabout are known.

Sango will also have online stores linking you to informative wellness teachings on meditation, understanding guides or connecting with spirit -amongst other offerings. Be sure to look out for these and more features as the app continues to grow.

I hope that each person who gives Sango a chance, finds the light they are looking for.

With love,

Lindelwe Dube, Founder of Sango

The app is available on IOS and Android. You can search for “Sango app” to download it.

You can also follow Sango on Instagram for updates and more healing guidance: @Sango_app

Lindelwe Dube on Twitter: @Lindelwe_Dube

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