Spiritual consultations are as satisfying and as wholesome as you make them. Contrary to how it is often perceived, it is not only the divine worker and their guides that control the session. How you, the seeker, show up and prepare for it also influences the nature and the quality of the session. Don’t overlook the power that you hold in ensuring that the session is satisfying to both you and your guides.


There are many healers to choose from, but they won’t all be suitable for your spirits. This is in line with the fact that healers are not there to serve anyone and everyone. While there is no sure way of knowing which healer will be perfect for you ahead of the session, there are ways to avoid finding yourself in unsatisfying situations.

When you make the decision to seek spiritual consult, your intuition should lead more than your mind. Listen to your intuition the most and note who you are explicitly drawn to. The key things to feel out for are safety and ease – does your spirit feel safe & easy with the person that you have identified? Alongside this, you should also connect with your guides for confirmation or guidance about the healer you have identified. The answer to this will come in various ways; pay attention to the signs that may show up if you don’t get a direct answer.

Some people see a said healer in their dreams. In these cases, it is still important to check in with your feelings about the dream, and to still consult with your own guides. Dreams can mean a number of other things.


When approaching the healer that your spirit has chosen, do so with respect and humility, bearing in mind that you are not only approaching that individual but also their guides. You don’t have to be well versed in the exact manner of addressing them, but at the very least, your greeting should be respectful. Following that greeting, you can then make an effort to ask them about the preferred manner of address. This part is quite an important little gesture because it can buy you just a little more favor from that healer’s guides. The elders appreciate being seen and honoured. It’s a kind thing to do.

Once your session has been booked and confirmed, don’t rest, continue to connect with your guides about it. In doing this you are casting light upon your session. Highlight what is it that you are personally hoping to get from the session and probe your guides to show up fully for the session with you. Consider this as a briefing or “warm up” between you and them. Uyabakhuthaza.


This has sadly become somewhat of a controversial area because some people don’t understand the significance of it. The money that you pay is not simply money, it is an offering. You are giving energy to receive what you are seeking. The money you offer also casts light upon your session -uyazikhanyisela futhi uyazivulela.

A certain degree of discernment is also important because, yes, some may simply want to rip you off. This is why the points highlighted under “preparation” are important, it can help you avoid such cases. There are other everyday worldly factors that come into play here too -time and tools used– those expenses can be included in the fee too. Consider all of this.

Some healers may allow you to still go ahead and consult with them even if you don’t have the required offering. This is on a case by case basis and often dictated by their guides. Don’t assume that because one healer consults for free, the other is being unethical for wanting a certain fee. The conditions are not universal in that way.

It’s YOUR session

As highlighted at the beginning, your session can be as wholesome as you make it. Be an active participant. Engage truthfully and fully when you are granted your turn to speak. Express yourself (respectfully). Honour the healer’s space and role while also remembering that it is still a session about YOUR life. You prepared for it and you gave an offering for it, so don’t be afraid to get what you need respectfully.

Listen to hear

In spiritual consultations, it is crucial that you listen to understand and not only to respond. Guard your ego’s defense. Remember that you are also going there to learn things that you may not have known or been aware of. Allow yourself to be teachable. People often want to debate on something that has been said to them. You do have the right to disagree with anything that is not resonating, but watch the place that you are disagreeing from, because again, it may be something that you are not aware of.

Allow time to have its time

Create room to hold certain things so that you can interrogate them again at a later stage. This is why it’s useful for you to make notes in consultations IF that healer allows. You’ll be able to reflect on the messages, instructions and revelations better when you are alone. Other things will only make sense after some time.

Making notes, or at least paying full attention, is important because it can be frustrating or simply not possible for the healer to go back and repeat things for you. AmaDlozi ayagijima.

Post session

There is a sense of euphoria and relief that you will most likely feel after consulting with a healer. Over and above the revelations, it also happens because you were inside a healing space. The heaviness will subside, and you may view life as something that you have a beautiful chance at. This must not detour you or cause you to rest, you must still do the work and follow the recommendations and remedies that were provided.

Most healers are happy for you to check in with them about certain things after the session. It’s a good idea to try and have a brief chat about this before you leave the session so that you both reach an agreement on the rules of engagement. This is just a caring gesture to ensure you don’t harm their well-being being or step over their boundaries. You can easily harm or disrupt them without even realising it.

Let all this also be a reminder that nothing, not even a consultation, will ever substitute the responsibility that you still have to yourself. You must do the work to crack the messages and revelations. Answers often lie in the process of your actions.

In conclusion, prepare fully and show up fully for yourself when it comes to consultations. Do this for your life in general too.


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