Spirituality can belong to anyone. It can sit in your life in whichever way works for you, because it is intelligent, aware, flexible and vast enough to meet you at any level that you need to be met at. As you grow and evolve as a human being, it shifts accordingly with you. As a co-creator, by virtue of your existance, it is who and what you are that also influences how spirit moves in and around your life.

There are tools that are available to us that we can use to further influence spirit’s movement in our lives. As co-creators, we give these tools that power. The various spiritual guides connected to our lives collaborate with us in fueling these tools with power and meaning.

Meaning and representation are a moving creation, they are not fixed, nor are they rigid. This is in line with spirit’s flexibility, creativity and overall accommodating nature.

Most of these tools serve as an aid for our consciousness. They stand as symbols of who we are, where we are from, where we are headed and what we need and want. Beyond appeasement and cultural rules, they remind us of the things that we may not be exposed to in our day to day lifestyle. They remind us of things we may have forgotten upon our arrival on Earth, or that may have been oppressed or erased by the world’s conditioning. Through these tools we are able to tune into that forgotten or oppressed memory and consciousness. This is where you see that it’s not the tool that gives rise to the intent, but rather the shift that the tool causes and inspires in our consciousness to act accordingly.

This is why it’s wise to use what you resonate with and what your guides draw you to. Anything outside of that can take you out of alignment and it is when you are out of alignment that the chances of your running into harmful situations is higher. Tools also go hand in hand with the seasons of your life. The ones that meant nothing before, can start to mean something later, for example. Again, meaning is a moving creation, it is not fixed. Duality is also something to consider; the same tool used for a certain purpose can also be used for another purpose that is a polar opposite. All of this is dependent on the season you are in, your intent, as well as the instructions/teachings of your guides.

With all that said, you can imagine then how problematic it can be for you to only ever lean on other people’s stories about the representation of tools. It is indeed useful to learn from others, yes, that’s why spiritual workers also exist. But be mindful of the stories that you are inheriting, because as much as borrowing each other’s stories is part of how we grow, your own story should also have its own place to exist.

When you know and feel your own story, you will not be easily swayed by the details that you receive from other people’s stories. You will not run from something you personally need because of someone’s else’s unfavourable experience. Their experiences may have had their own blueprint. In the same breath, you will also not move towards something that you shouldn’t just because another one’s experience of it was favourable.

Our connection as beings is important,it’s important that we hold space for this interconnectedness. However, we must also still remember that we don’t unfold the same. Try not to let other blueprints hamper with your unique unfolding.

We are not here to do or discover the same things. We all have unique roles to play in this story of creation. This is what makes our ancestors different too, even though they all move with the same aim of assisting us in living out our true selves. The purpose is the same, but their ways and means of getting us there differs.

All in all, funda ngomsamo wakini,ulandele wona. Ufunda ngokuzisondeza nabakini.

Where do you start? From the purest part of your heart. Everything unravels slowly, very slowly, from there. Don’t underestimate just how much spirit bodies see and appreciate your own creativity that comes from the purest part of your heart.

So the next time you find yourself wondering what a certain spiritual tool or resource represents or means, firstly be honest with yourself on whether you resonate or connect with it. If you genuinely do, that means you already have leverage to give it its meaning. Something took you there, tap into it that thing to discover more.

What does that candle, animal, colour, cloth, natural element say TO YOU? Why does it call you? What season are you in as you find yourself drawn to it? These are examples of questions to ask yourself.

Engage and create while always referring back to umsamo wakini for additional support. Emphasis on “support,” because they do actually have to leave space for your autonomy.

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