Take a step back – this is one of the themes of the current energy we are in. Some of you may already be experiencing it and some of you will be experiencing it. I’m sharing this message with hopes that it can give you some clarity and reassurance.

You may find yourself being revisited, and even triggered, by issues that you believe you already resolved, laid to bed and settled inside of you. If you find yourself in this place, don’t reject or avoid the issues; more importantly, don’t criticise yourself for still being triggered. Some of these issues were not fully resolved inside of you and you had to reach this point in your life journey to resolve the rest of it. This doesn’t make the effort that you made to move on, heal and accept any less valid or null and void, it only means that it’s now time to look at other aspects of these issues with the insight and growth that you have gained since your last experience of these circumstances.

Some of you may feel that the issues are not worth entertaining because it would mean that you are working backwards and falling into an unprogressive trap. I want to assure you that’s not the case, it’s happening in this way because you do indeed need to pay attention to them. However, you need to be aware of yourself so that you don’t approach them in an unprogressive and repetitive way. This time around receive it as a teacher and mirror as painful (and possibly irritating) as it will be. This time around, know and trust that you have gained internal resources to hold all of it better; apply your gained wisdom, strength and maturity.

These issues are not all  ‘bad’ things, some of them will be things that you never quite gave yourself the chance to experience or explore further – either because you were not ready for them, feared them or because you were held back by the circumstances of your life back then.

This season is a golden opportunity to resolve parts of your life and bring more completion to your healing and acceptance around certain pains. It is also a golden opportunity to receive that which you struggled to hold at a certain point in your life. Allow yourself to take a step back because it will aid a large step forward, provided you approach it with wisdom and a love fueled intention to better yourself. There is a strong silver lining to the chaotic cloud.

To those of you that this message is for, may the spirit of clarity and wise discernment carry you through it. Address these matters during this Full Moon, with your guides and in your prayers. Your spiritual support is on standby to assist you – they only need your will, intention and dedication.

In the announcement box below is a link to one of our older podcast episodes in which I share a perspective related to this article’s message. If you have never listened to it, you may find it helpful. If you have listened to it before, you may find value in reminding yourself. 


Ngicela niphile.



Listen to one of our older podcast episodes related to this posts’ message here: 

[PODCAST EPISODE 5] – Multidimensionalism

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