Tell The Past Where You Are Now Better

Go back to the parts of you that experienced losses and pain; update them on your victories and restorations. Be their balance.

Share the answers, remedies and revelations that those parts seeked. Be their restoration.

Give them water to swim out of older stories and into newer paths that you now walk on. Be their flow.

Announce to them that it is a new dawn. Be their Sun.

Offer them the food that they were once hungry for and tell them about the food that you discovered is better to chew on. Be their healthier feast.

Let them know where it is now better so that they too have a seat at the table that you can now eat from.

Because we heal and move on, and forget to invite all of the versions that we once were to come along. The rest of your feast can only arrive when all of you is seated at the table.

Don’t go ahead with only a few selections of yourself – everything is, and has been, a sacred experience of you.

Call upon everyone that you have ever been and tell them where you are now. Tell them where you are now better.

My Past 

I looked at my past and invited it to join me in the here and now.

I decided that it can be part of this current version of me that now knows better.

I don’t have to turn my back on it. I don’t have to force myself to forget it. And even if I have recovered, I can still cry when I think about it sometimes because I am not a numb being.

My past did what it had to do in me and I can forgive the shadows that came with that.

I welcome my past to enjoy a healthier me, and to view life through the eyes that God and my ancestors brought back to my heart.

My past deserves grace.

It’s because of my past that I can be of better service to my community of friends and family, as well as the souls of the Earth that I am related to through the eternal parent that birthed us all.

The past was my Shamaan and I am the old student that can now visit it often and say “I get it now” – over and over again.

I feel it smiling at me when I do this, relieved that its hands didn’t kill me while admitting that it didn’t like doing what it had to do in me. But it doesn’t have to explain or even apologise to me anymore.  Those were experience of life for me to have.

I will keep updating my past: “Here is where I am now better.” 

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