I hear you’ve heard about us.

It sounds like a story about my moving on doesn’t it?

A story that finally marks our ending.

A story signaling you to finally let me go.

A story about my happily ever after.


Yeah, we did end.

You probably should let me go.

I suppose I am happy.


You’ve seen my smile in the pictures,

heard my laugh in the videos.

We’re happy.

I did move on.


But the nightmares ask me how?

when the full story is that I only landed safely here

because it still feels alot like you.


I don’t have an answer to that. 


Who is to know the full story

when the author won’t even tell it?


I don’t have an answer to that either. 


But somehow I’m relieved

that at least my nightmares know.


Bless these nightmares

for looking after the truth.

While we try to just breathe

about something and anything,

even just a pretty little lie.


These nightmares are far more brave than us.


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