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I’m so excited to share that Makhosi Noentla Khumalo, a traditional diviner and healer, is presenting the second Umsebenzi WeThongo – an African rooted retreat and space for communal healing and enlightenment with the ancestors. The four-day event will be taking place from 27-30 May at Shambala Retreat Centre in Magaliesburg, Gauteng.  If you are looking for a community and space to support your journey of enlightenment, consider this as an invite.

Read on to learn more about this divine offering born from Makhosi Noentla and her ancestors.

Umsebenzi WeThongo, October 2021

Speaking on the retreat and its conception, uMakhosi says:

“Life for me changed forever. I gave it all up to become whole again and embraced all the parts of myself I wanted to rid of. With that came the inspiration to create Umsebenzi WeThongo – a safe space for breathing, release, and cleansing for those that are intentionally looking into ubungoma and alternative healing methods to better themselves. I wanted to create an environment that was safe to let go in and unlearn all the limitations we place on ourselves. As we all know when you are intentionally healing the process can have its lonely moments. The retreat is to help along in this process that need not be done alone.  It is also a great opportunity for me to build community with other healers , proving that we can stand and work together by holding space for each other’s gifts to shine in one light as we shine individually.”

Umsebenzi WeThongo was first launched in October 2021; this is what some of the attendees had to share after their experience:

It’s been a week plus since Umsebenzi WeThongo, and I can boldly say that that’s exactly what it has been.


The experience has been a safe space, held so sacredly, in alignment and enlightenment, for iThongo to breathe. It has felt like the rising of self v5.0; my software was sacredly and beautifully upgraded, and because it was so wholesome, I continue to download and believe that for some time to come I still will. My spirit is at peace. At peace. Because that’s the frequency my spirit understands most. Umsebenzi WeThongo allowed us to tune into what spirit needed most ,whatever that looked like, and mine was peace. I haven’t recovered from the soul work we did, and I secretly hope to never recover.

Thokozani. E be Lesedi, e be Kganya.


[Tsholefelo Seabi – Maluleka] 

Umsebenzi WeThongo, October 2021

I left the retreat a much different person and a shift took place in me, I am grateful that I could share space with such a group of individuals.


Umsebenzi WeThongo is the first retreat of its kind that I have ever attended and it left me with a very broader and deeper sense of my spiritual self. I always had a very vague perception of what spirituality truly meant, this was one of the reasons I attended this retreat. I wanted to better understand myself and gain wisdom and knowledge about how I fit into the spectrum of what spirituality truly meant.

I had never met or even consulted with Makhosi Noentla, however on the first day when I met her I felt a deep sense of familiarity and comfort, almost as if I had met her before. She made sure everyone felt at home and took care to explain every activity, event and ritual.

The food was very nutritious and special care was taken to ensure that it was healthy. The chef was truly a gracious host and ensured everyone was catered for thoroughly.

Makhosi Noentla had an array of guests – different healers each sharing wisdom in their different capacities. We were encouraged to ask questions, and I had alot of uncertainties answered gracefully.

My favorite part of the retreat was on the final day when we went to the waterfall. It was my first time ever being immersed in water at a river. It felt like a rebirth of sorts.

What stood out for me about the retreat was seeing the deep respect and reverence that Makhosi Noentla had for those that walked before us. She, and the other healers, made me proud to be part of a community that respects, acknowledges and honors their ancestors in such a graceful way.

I left the retreat a much different person and a shift took place in me, I am grateful that I could share space with such a group of individuals. I am forever thankful and I am looking forward to attending more events of such a nature.

[Renecia Malgas]

Umsebenzi WeThongo, October 2021

What I got out of lomsebenzi was beyond anything I could have imagined. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more love and presence and support from a group of so-called strangers.


Arriving at the retreat, I had no expectations or even a clue about what the experience would be like. I knew only that I intended to get the best out of it and to remain open to what it brought forward. What I got out of lomsebenzi was beyond anything I could have imagined. Makhosi created a moment for people to be, to rest, to accept, to introspect, and give into themselves. Although very few of us knew one another, it was the people that centered this trip for me. We all knew why we were there as individuals and for our respective journeys, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt more love and presence and support from a group of so-called strangers.

I learnt to be open to myself and to them and had the room to be bold in my trust of myself and my guides. Although the work we did was challenging at some points, the retreat was also filled with ease, fun, and a restful, comforting energy. I am completely changed by it and so grateful for Makhosi Noentla, her strength and her guides for giving us a home for all of our selves. I am also thankful for all the people who came to the retreat because wow, rrha, they were amazing!


[Uvile Ximba] 


Umsebenzi WeThongo, October 2021


Full details on the retreat coming up in May 2022: 



Transformative Spiritual Retreat  


The art of living with spirit is the expression of creativity where we can learn to solve almost any problem. The creative act is one of the greatest gifts to self. By expressing your creativity you take steps to overcoming your limitations. Freely express the vibrations of your highest self.


Date: 27 MAY – 30 MAY 2022



*Transport, accommodation and all meals included*



  • Ancestral ceremony and drumming
  • Guided meditation
  • Importance of writing and journaling
  • Life coaching and self expression
  • Ashtanga yoga energy and trance healing
  • Mushroom journey – shadow work


To book/For more info: 

Moments from the first Umsebenzi WeThongo in October 2021: 

All images by: Mzuvukile Nhlabatsi of Rising Sun Creative 


Makhosi Noentla will be sharing a bit more about herself and journey on the blog next week. Look out for the post if you would like to learn more about the soul behind Umsebenzi WeThongo. 


Read my personal experience of Umsebenzi WeThongo here: 


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