They don’t tell you that choosing the truth also means choosing war.

Lies run out of tales to feed you, and the starvation makes you seek home.

Illusions have no more views to offer, and what’s real is hard for the eye to see.

Here you learn that you’ve never quite used your vision.


What you thought were life lines turn out to be long cuts.

This is revealed when they suddenly start to bleed.

It wouldn’t be the first time, they have done this all along.

Another reminder of your distorted vision.


The water will rush in to quench your thirst,

but only after your blood and tears have fallen to the ground as offerings.

They tell you to enter the battle on your knees.

Nobody ever steps into this ring with pride,

it’s only the vulnerable that are allowed inside.


All you carry will have to collapse so that you can be brought back to life.

Your new fabric is not to make contact with any of the stains from your lost times.


To heal and be anew, you are to break completely.


And perish.


As you enter the life that called your name from the beginning,

you will have to pick up the rusted spears that withered away daily.


War is the way out.

Death is the only way in.



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