Life situations and people, no matter how great their influence, don’t make you –

they honour, uncover and cast light on what you were already made to be through God.


Embrace your need for experiences and community;

and remember that you are enough as an individual too.

Live a life that allows this balance of your existence.

God already made you complete.

Find yourself in your name.


Your name is the untainted essence of you that was, and still is, reflected back to you as a word and sound.

Through everything, drink from the water of your name’s meanings and reasons.

It wasn’t only given to you – it was inspired by what you are and evoke;

and what you came to be, offer and experience.


Remember how to be your name.

Recall how to be its truth.

Return to being that part of God, over and over again.



You can make the struggle your partner,

instead of an opponent.


This can be a tango dance;  

you don’t have to go to war


See that it can move like water,

and that it is not a rock.


Follow the mentorship of grace,

   not the judgment of your ego.



Your win doesn’t have to be reserved for the end,

there are victories to collect all along the way.



See the beauty and detail of God’s hand in the nature that surrounds you everyday,

and be reassured that the same majesty has been done over you too.  


Don’t go searching too far for miracles,

you’ll miss out on the miracle that God is creating right out of you.


Be present for all it takes.


Let that miracle that you are looking for unfold

as you.



Let it be you.


At any given time –

you are one necessary question and an honest answer away,


from elevating your life.



God doesn’t take a long time to respond. 


We are often fixated on seeing and accepting only a specific part of the answer,

insisting on what the answer should look and sound like –

consciously and subconsciously.


We have to be present for the upbringing of the answers,

and walk gracefully with them even while they are still unpleasant and raw.


If you keep turning back in the middle of the journey,

it will always seem like God is not hearing you.


Walk the whole way with the answer,

hear its first words and how they evolve, 

see all of its faces. 


Don’t turn away from God’s response to you along the way.



It is in the seemingly empty spaces of ourselves that we reconvene with who and what we are – it is where we meet with “I.”

These voids are not something to fear or escape; and you don’t always have to fill them up.

Sit in those spaces of you where there is nothing to know and do, but everything to simply be.


Your soul needs these spaces of intimacy.

Embrace your nudity.



The art of patience is in looking forward to more,


without the idea that you’re lacking anything right now.



Receiving it when you are less desperate for it saves you

from becoming its slave.


Hold yourself more tightly than anything else.



At the end of each route on this never-ending journey, there’s you. We are doing this because we want ourselves.

Some realise this from the beginning. Others realise it along the way, noticing that they keep running back into themselves – a little taller and wider each time, sometimes a little smaller. Running back into themselves as a little less or more of a shape that nobody has ever told them about.

And when you forget that it’s you that you came for, it is still you that calls, keeping you on time for every single meeting with yourself.


You –

that was, and still is, part of the whole point.


Do everything you have to do for YOU. 



You won’t get clarity if you’re still questioning it with animosity, resistance and an unguarded ego.

An answer cannot meet with energy that is already chasing it away.



Stillness is one of the ways that you get out of your own way.


Stillness is, 


a move that covers the longest distance.



Confidence is what naturally arises when you are, and feel, completely safe in yourself.

You don’t have to build confidence, what you should do instead, is make a warm home out of yourself that confidence can naturally flow from. 

It is in our safety that that we find our true confidence.


Be your safe place.

Be your home.

Be your alter.


Turn to God and your ancestors for guidance on building, and maintaining, the temple of you.



Stand up for the things that you bow down in prayer for –

be the Sun to your Moon.


Bow down in prayer for the things that you want to stand up for –

be the Moon to your Sun.



You are already complete.

You only need to explore and experience what that completion entails. 

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