Life transitions are chaotic periods that nobody can avoid. We all have to go through them if we are to experience ourselves fully. You go through several transitions in your lifetime. Some are subtle and manageable, while others are harder to take in.

What is tricky about life transitions is that they can often look and feel like dark spells when they happen to you. During those periods it’s hard for one to see the purpose, reason and cause for the surrounding circumstances that arise from the shift. Common manifestations of a transition are the sudden struggle to do some of the things that you could easily do before, or the sudden dislike for things you once loved. It becomes even worse when you are not aware of your transition. You may start to live like an ill ghost; and that’s because you are stuck in a place that you should no longer be in. It is mainly the ‘ghost of you’ that haunts your life ngoba akuphakanyiswanga ukuguqula kwakho.

When someone passes away, for example, certain rituals and processes must be followed, as per their culture, for them to be passed on accordingly and settle peacefully. When this is not done, their spirit lingers in the spaces that they used to occupy and may haunt the living. In the context of this article’s message, both the deceased and the living can be you, so to speak. The spirit that would not have been passed on accordingly to the other ‘realm’ is yours. In the case of one’s life transition, here on Earth still, this other realm is your new life order.

You may be struggling to work because you need a career change. You may be tired because you need a lifestyle change. You may be depressed because you are still in a relationship that no longer serves you. Transitions don’t all happen on a macro level, at times it is simply a change in direction or approach that you need to make space for. Whether it is on a macro or micro level though, it is still a turbulent experience.

History reminds us that new world orders are often offset by natural disasters; it’s a common theme in biblical stories. An individual’s life plays out like this too. The exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and all other struggles, are the ‘natural disasters’ that occur as one meets their new life order.

When things suddenly don’t work the way they used to in your life, and there is no sound reason for it, there is a high chance that it’s because you have reached a new order of your life which you have not fully stepped into, or have not yet settled into.

People often assume that something dark and foul has been done to them when they go through their transitions. Investigate yourself on a deeper level before making external dark forces accountable for all that may be happening to you. Transitions can also trigger unpleasant memories and dreams because everything that you are and have been through is unraveling. Any wounds and scars that you may be carrying come to the surface, looking like spiritual attacks. The unpleasant things that come to the surface are often things about you that need to be resolved so that you can go on to live the new life order accordingly.

I’d like you to try and reflect on this without thinking too much about your guides and your ancestors. Simply because it is important for you to know that you are still an individual with a unique life path. See your own life. See your own transition. Make space to receive your new life order without only holding other entities accountable for its consequences. It has a lot to do with you. Your guides and ancestors are only there to support you through it.


When a house is being renovated, parts of the building have to be demolished before new areas of the home can be built. 

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  1. Thank you for this article. My life is exactly here and I haven’t had an explanation of why this is happening as I, in my opinion have ticked all the boxes for everything to work out yet it isn’t. I received your message as I move forward but kulukhuni angifuni ukungasho. Great read thank you.

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