Like all other creations, you too have natural patterns and cycles that rule you. Like all other creations, there is a law of nature and order about you. You are nature, and this means that you too have seasons. In any given season that you are in, there is a certain type of nourishment and maintenance that you need, and certain behaviours to take up or let go of. Consider habitat too– the kind of spaces you should expose yourself to in certain seasons or how your personal space should be kept. If you pay attention to your seasons and refer to them to make sense of the state that you are in, you won’t have to be a victim of circumstances or find yourself in a battle with you.

The somewhat bright side and relief (If you can open yourself to seeing that) is that your spirit is already prepared for all your seasons; ready to move and align to their purpose. So, it’s less about aligning your spirit and more about aligning your mind to the season you are in.

Look back at your life and note the periods, months and surrounding circumstances of your most significant moments – good and bad. You can draw information on the seasons of your nature from your life’s history. Your spiritual guardians naturally move to your seasons in their engagement with you; in connecting with them, your mind can gain access to a view of your season. Your clues and information are in the things they lead you to do at a given time; it’s in the messages and feelings you get from them too. Look into the patterns and recurring themes that show up in various ways during certain periods. All this communication can be extended into your dreams too.

See, REALLY SEE, that you are nature and invite all of this perspective about your seasons into your mental space and reality; it is already embedded in you to tap into. Embrace, trust and be guided by that information. All of that it is a useful anchor to embed in your consciousness so that you can approach the varying events of your life more strategically, healthily, wisely, and calmly.

During seasons of hibernation and transitioning, for example, you may find that you are reluctant to work; clients are not making enquiries to your business, you are irritable around people and in social settings, and you may even be abnormally clumsy too. Because during seasons of hibernation and transitioning, your spirit and the overall energy of your life is reclusive to allow the hibernation and transitioning to take place. Your guides may even be a bit more quiet during this kind of season.

In your seasons of sowing, for example, you may find that you are restless; struggling to sleep or remain still, more conscious and irritable of things that perhaps don’t serve you. Because during seasons of sowing, your spirit and the overall energy of your life is tuned into building and making way for your progression and gains. You may even have a larger appetite because the purpose requires more energy from your body.

There are of course some great things that one can experience in their different seasons too, I’m only highlighting examples that would bother and challenge us.

In addition to the different seasons of self, your life acquisitions and creations have their own seasons too. What you own, manage, and have is connected to you, yes, but those creation are different from you and have their own distinct energy. On a personal level you may be in a season of hibernation while your business/project is in its season of sowing – similar to how Summer has cold fronts and Winter still offers warm days. This contrast is also possible because – and this is something I ALWAYS highlight- your existence is multidimensional. All of this can be overwhelming, but it’s not an error and your spirit can handle it – otherwise it wouldn’t be happening. It requires you to tune your mind into discerning priorities and holding space for the differences with balance – which, by the way, is another element of the purpose that may be at play – shifting yourself and your life. Be ok with it being messy, sometimes purpose is messy.

Step outside of your(self) to be the I (eye) that sees and understands what is influencing the events of your life and nature during a given period. Again, your spirit is already prepared for the seasons, it is the mind that you are responsible for preparing and aligning.

The spirit is like the good student who is willing and entrusted to carry out the task (season), while the mind is more prone to being the rebellious student that may overlook or dismisses the task (season). Pull your mind away from dismally fighting for survival to acknowledging the season you are in and getting into form for it. If the rebellious student works with the good student, there will be more harmony in the class (your life). In all of this, victory is not the end goal; your harmonious movement while the season runs its course is the victory.

Look at how the creation that surrounds us moves through its different seasons as a further guide on how to maintain yourself. Meditate on that knowledge that shows itself through nature – it is a part of you. You can even get to a point of gratitude for the bigger purpose that is at play during the disruption, as you know and trust what it is leading you to. It is far more powerful and progressive for you to be able to say, for example, “I am struggling,” and following it up with an affirming reminder of “…. because I am in hibernation.”


Acknowledge the fact that you are nature ruled by seasons FIRSTLY; pay attention to which season you are in at any period and consider how best to participate in it for your nature. You can lessen the agony of internal battles if you see and embrace the natural laws of order unique to your existence and life story.

What season are you currently in?

What season are your life acquisitions and creations currently in?  

What nourishment do you need to provide to self?

What kind of body and soul food are you craving right now?

What position can you assume to participate wisely in the current events of your life?  

You are nature and must be served with what you need in your different seasons.

See and live that kind of lifestyle.

Philisa indalo yakho.


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