Dress up.

Look presentable.

Wrap your dirt in clean garments.

Ensure your corsets are tight enough to squeeze out the pain.


Invest in stylish hats that will shelter your eyes, hiding the honest tales of your soul.

Wear crisp white gloves that cover the bruises on your knuckles,

the ones you sustained from last night’s battle with the demons.


Apply the cherry red lipstick that tempts others to find solace in you.

Cover your cheeks with the colourful blush that makes you seem easy to love.

Pull off a sassy walk so they never see the crookedness of your journey.

Wear your highest heel and they will never know of your lows.


Put your hair in a cute bun,

be sure to keep it in place when you are torn apart.

Laugh like you know what joy is.

Wear your smile, the silky floral material they admire.

Hug them like you know peace.


Always have a wine glass nearby in case you suddenly need to cry;

sip on the tears that fill it up and giggle – say it was the white wine.

Leave your broken pieces in the back of the closet;

the compartment of honesty they never seek.


Dress up.

Look presentable.

Put your best lie on.

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