Your higher self will keep pushing you until all that is left to live, see and offer is who and what you really are.  Water that purpose upon your life with these messages and reminders.


If you remain hidden or silent because you want to be completely qualified first, your gifts, talents and voice may be silent forever.


Get comfortable with being a student that manifests, creates, teaches and shares – because you will never stop being a student.


Fulfill your soul passions while tripping and falling. The imperfections are what eventually qualify you.

Time and time again you’ll have to let go of what is significant to you to experience other parts of yourself. The very things that may have been useful on your life journey before can turn into the very things that hinder you, because you are everchanging and multidimensional.


This is your reminder to be as vast as the sky and shape-shift like the clouds. Attach yourself to nothing and commit to flowing instead.

If you move away from draining situations, people and spaces, you’ll see how much time, productive energy, breath and resources you actually do have.


When there is little to no room for your self preservation, it will indeed feel like you have little and can only do little.


You already know who and what doesn’t sit well in your life, it’s being highlighted in your mind as you read this.


Clear the garden of your life.

The world conditions you to prove yourself to others first so that you only believe in yourself after receiving external approval. It is in fact your approval of you that is most important.


Prove yourself TO YOU.

Get approval on who you are and what you can do FROM YOU.


Show yourself who you believe you are,

and let the world learn about you through that.

In being specific about the outcome that you want, remember to also be specific about the internal resources you need to carry you to what you want. The outcome you want and expect may be small in comparison to how spirit intends to develop you.


Pray on what you need to carry and be to reach the outcome that your higher self is holding you to. If you don’t know what you need to carry and be, fill your prayers with questions that will lead you to the insight.


Wishes and desires are drawn in and sustained by wisdom.

Say wiser prayers.

Reach for the holistic purpose.

Realise that struggle is part of the answer. The final outcome is not where your answer begins.


The answer is at work in your stumbles, fights and cries. The answer is at work in the discomfort and dark moments.


Answers have a long life, they are not born as gold.

God and your guides don’t build you so that you can stop counting on them.


Even at your strongest, be vulnerable with them. Even at your biggest, be their baby. Even as a master, kneel before them for knowledge. They are available to support your life journey at all of its levels.


You may often have to do it on your own, but you never have to be alone.


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